Obviously, I’m starving.

Alright, I just got back from college. It only took me 3 minutes to hand in my paper but 1.5 hours stuck in the traffic. It didn’t help matter that I was so bloody sleepy.

But guess what, I’m currently as awake as as a hyperactive kid who just got herself a sugar shot. It must be the coffee. The kitchen ran out of both Lipton and chinese tea so I had to resort to that horrendous drink to fire up my brains. I just can’t get accustomed to the taste, unless it’s laden with chocolate. However, there’s only one other way where I’d willingly consume black coffee – with sodapeng or yaucharkwai!

Cream crakers (sodapeng in cantonese). Forget Jacob’s and other crappy brands, Hup Seng wins hands down. It’s the only brand that produces buttery and fluffy crackers. Coffee soaked Hup Seng crackers are addictive. Goes well with hot cocoa too!

Chinese crullers (yaucharkwai in cantonese). Fried to golden perfection with a tinge of savouriness, coffee and crullers are a match made in heaven. I have them almost every Sunday for 15 years, nuf’ said. Not to forget, they are perfect replacement for croutons – throw them into your soup and of course…bakkutteh :)

5 thoughts on “Obviously, I’m starving.”

  1. heh, being hungry AND getting stuck is a very very bad combo. it can only get worse if nature decided to call on you, big time ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  2. i’m with you on the jabobs vs hup seng, give me the latter anytime. :) i can eat a whole pack by myself, no shit, with two bowls (about twice the size of the kind people drink soup in) of milo. i don’t crack them up to fit them in a mug, i like them whole, so i just brew up a big bowl of milo, put the hup seng crackers in wholesale (in stacks of five, no less) and wait for 3 minutes before wolfing them down. rinse, wash, repeat. hup seng is the greatest thing since sliced bread. or something.

  3. yaucharkwai (or chinese donut) great with congee (moi). Yum. Lee’s recipe for the best congee in the world:
    1. Cook stock from chicken bones (add ginger and salt)
    2. Add rice and cook till water and rice no longer distinguishable
    3. Add pork mince (marinate with corn starch, soy sauce and pepper first) and cubes and carrot
    4. Serve with finely chopped ginger, spring onion, yaucharkwai, soy sauce, sesame seed oil and pepper.

    Damn now i’m got a graving for congee!!!

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