What if you were marked?

I had the scariest dream and I remember being really traumatised in it. Apparently I was going to get a tiny tattoo just above my hipbone. But I was knocked out and woke up with almost 80% of my body tattooed with Sailormoon characters and random objects, in the most hideous neon pink, green and blue. To add salt to the wound, they were unfinished. I was really upset at the thought of living my entire life underneath those markings. Fortunately, I woke up in time.

I ought to begin doing my assignment. I almost forgot that the deadline is on October 15. That’s only two weeks away. Dark clouds looming over me.

Hormones are raging madly. Discipline is slowly slipping away. Temptation at every corner. Why aren’t I on a leash?

Petrol’s up by 5 cents. Bummer. Dad was threatening to sell off my bro’s car so that we’d have to carpool. I’m hiding my keys

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