Bothered and bewildered.

My tummy is hurting like a bitch since this morning. Having flatulance problem is not attractive at all.

I’m seriously broke. Seriously. I need to find a job soon.

But 1st I need to lose weight. There’s a blood donating campaign at college and I got weighted. Not good. NOT GOOD.

Dad’s friend’s daughter is getting married tomorrow. And I’m fat. %$#@*&

By the way, they didn’t want me because my iron level was too low. She gave me some folic acid and some magnesium (I think) tablets. I wonder whether this is a permanent condition or just because I did not take breakfast.

I feel so helpless without a car. So I’m just staying in. Damn mechanic is slow. Hopefully getting the car tomorrow.

I had a weird dream during a cat’s nap. I dreamt that the damn mechanic installed some wings like thingy onto both sides of my cars. And he painted like dozens of eagles on the wings. Very weird. And very fugly.

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