Woohoo wedding planning progress!

I have made a lot of progress on wedding planning since my last post. So grateful that Mom’s staying with me over the week to help me sort out wedding stuff.

1. For one, I have found the dress! I finally understood what people mean when they say, “You know it when you see it”. At first I was quite worried because the first half dozen of places my mom and I went to had stuff that I didn’t really like.

Most of the dresses could be summed up as “okay but not quite”. Finally we went to this shop and the girl was showing me a bunch of ball gowns and I was on the verge of giving up explaining to her what I have in mind when suddenly she said she might have something downstairs.

Mom and I followed her and then she pulled out something from a large bag. I looked at it and my heart skipped a beat. I was like, please please please let it look good on me and let me look good in it!!!!

Then I put it on, and I felt a sensation in my chest, a good sort of sensation…not the type where you want to see a doctor but the type you want to start doing the chicken dance and sing I’m so happy…I’m so happy…I’m so happy and jolly and gay.

I was like…OMG I hope she’s not going to quote me a crazy price. And then she told me the price and I was like…:D :D :D :D :D :D

Nobody has seen the dress except me, mom and people from the shop and I will keep it that way until the wedding day. I don’t even need it altered I think but I reckon when I lose more weight I might nip it in a bit more. As for the evening dress, I’m quite chilled about it…because I want something fun, flirty and a little slutty (lol) for the later part of the reception aka PARTY TIME.

2. We have also found a wedding cinematographer we really like, thanks to a tip from a blog reader. Thank you Yu Jen! We’re meeting them this weekend to discuss the details and hopefully, by then we will have confirmed them.

3. My makeup and hair will be done respectively by Cassandra and Cindy from dominicabyc.com. Cassandra is a BOH Cameronian award winning makeup artiste and I loveeeeee her style. Very chic, clean and natural. Her brides are so gorgeous!

4. Gareth’s wonderful colleague, Chee Ling is helping us design our invites too. We’re loving what she’s done so far and she’s got an awesome idea with the invites which I’m so incredibly excited to share but I have to refrain because don’t want people to steal it *cue maniacal possessive laugh.

5. As for the wedding theme, it’s clearer than ever. I know exactly what to do, how the decor’s going to be, what is the feel and etc. I feel a lot calmer now and ready for some proper ground work.

6. I’ve got my wedding shoes while in Bangkok. I might change it I might not, we’ll see. Not that worried about shoes to be honest.

7. Still haven’t found an emcee, partially because we haven’t really been looking yet. I wish more emcees upload their gigs onto Youtube.

8. Photography will be by Anna-Rina of course. She also took our ROM pictures, which I was so happy with. Anna-Rina is great at capturing “moments”, she can speak like a gazillion languages which means she can communicate basically with all my guests (especially the non-English speaking elderly) and best of all, she’s just a bundle of positive energy!

9. We are doing cheesy studio photography. LOL. Yeap, not kidding. I asked specifically for indoor shoot only though, cause can’t be arsed to pose around in the heat in wedding costumes. Oh well, my grandmothers will be happy to hang pictures of us in gaudy gowns and white suit with our eyes closed on their walls. Trolololol.

10. Going to start dieting and exercise more, I promise.