My Obsession with Kulfi.

Does anyone know what a kulfi is? Is it commonly found in Indian restaurants in Malaysia? Please enlighten me because I can’t believe this dessert has eluded my insulated ass for the past 26 years -_-

My first taste of kulfi was in India, specifically Golconda Fort. After a longass hike up and down the fort, I stopped for some rehydration at an ice cream cart. I’m so, so, so, so glad I chose kulfi, something I’ve never heard or tried before. The one I had was made by Scoops, which makes vegan ice cream :D

# – At the bottom of Golconda Fort enjoying a kulfi stick. Hmmm hmmm!

Kulfi is possibly the best ice cream-like dessert I’ve ever tasted. Traditionally flavoured with spices and nuts, it is impossibly rich, creamy and dense. It tasted way more premium than any premium ice cream I’ve had before! In fact, between kulfi and premium ice cream, I would choose the former in a heartbeat.

# – A half-eaten kulfi stick. Took me a while to tear my mouth away so I could take a picture!

# – Posers.

We were at Paradise Food Court for apparently the best briyani rice in Hyderabad (will blog about this later) and to finish off our meals, ST intelligently ordered kulfi matka (basically kulfi in a claypot) while my fickle ass ordered Khubani Ka Meetha. Cause it sounded exotic.

# – ST’s super delicious kulfi that was topped off with crushed almond.

Well, Khubani Ka Meetha is basically stewed apricots. Unbelievably sweet, cloying and generally did not rock my socks.

# – Force feeding myself with Khubani Ka Meetha due to ST’s anal retentiveness about wasting food :(

Thank heaven, the very next day I got to eat some kulfi to erase my memory of the words “stewed apricots” at Chatt’s wedding. Chatt’s caterer had brought dozens & dozens of high quality kulfis shaped in cylinders, of which they cut into wedges and served to guests. I had about 9 cups which probably altogether was about as fattening as 6 servings of chicken spicy mcdeluxe. Absolutely not regrets.

# – The kulfi wedges from Chatt’s wedding. This picture is making me restless because I NEED KULFI!

At the wedding, I started asking everyone at our table whether it’s possible to make kulfi at home. To my delight, it is apparently super easy! You don’t even need an ice cream maker! Just a freezer, milk, sugar and flavourings. I am seething with excitement about making my 1st batch of kulfi!!!!

We also had kulfi again on our last day in Hyderabad at Bikanervala, a sweet shop cum restaurant (will blog about this later too).

# – Little pots of creamy goodness.

Honestly, this was not the best kulfi I had because it was a little too soft for my taste. But the flavours were beautiful so I whacked it all anyway :D

# – Kulfi from Bikanervala.

And now, it’s time to make up for my 26 kulfi-less years.