saturday quick post

squeezing in some blogging before i’m off to work. tomorrow will be the last day of roadshow. and then i’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

i miss charlie and babber so much. missed eyeris‘ birthday do, happy birthday old one. missed loads of fun events urgh.

im turning into this grouchy, boring corporate drone. help!

i need to get a haircut. a lil background, my hair has always been straightened. when my naturally wavy hair grows out i get this kink where the natural hair and straightened hair joins together. i don’t really want to straighten my hair anymore cause it’s so badddd. so my question is, will layering my hair help offset the kink? it looks really bad in pictures. what else can i do with it without going really short? helpppp

i is in kulai.

omgz i haven’t blogged for ages. been really busy at work, having a roadshow in Kulai, Johor. and i’m still in johor right now.

in between work is a lot of food. a lot -_-. i must have gained like 3 kilos and more from this trip.

lemme show you what i ate last night.

#1 – before

#2 – after. claypot frog yee mee

how about dinner tonight?

i’m thinking chicken wings and fried oysters.