1st day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken in front of Tate Britain.

# – Not holding a phone.


Dress, belt and shoes from Bangkok. Bag from Louis Vuitton. Scarf, origins unknown.


We started our day at Regency Cafe, a famous greasy spoon in London. We came out of Plimco underground  station and took a pleasant 10 minute walk to the cafe.

# – Regency Cafe in the background.


Our English breakfasts were good but while not mind-blowingly so, we were really there for the atmosphere.

It’s worth the trek as Regency Cafe is like a time capsule from the past.

# – Londoners queuing up for lunch.


# – Art and advertisements related to the cafe through the years.


Besides the English breakfast, you must absolutely order the chips. Easily the best chips I have ever had.

# – What is this sorcery?


The unassuming bowl of deep fried potatoes were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I hoovered them up and I am not even a chips fan.

We then walked off breakfast by walking all the way to Tate Britain. Was nice till we reached the modern art section….there was a wall filled with some dude’s photographs of rubbish. Literally rubbish. Banana peels, KFC bones, empty food packages….

Sorry, can’t brain it.

After Tate, we went to The Houses of Parliament, hitting tourist central.

# – Hello Big Ben!


Of course had a look at The London Eye too. Didn’t ride on it as we didn’t think we have the patience for it.

# – Just before the rain set in.


It started raining soon after and I was forced to buy a crappy umbrella for 7 quid.

# – Me and my brollie.


Then we moved on to Millennium Bridge. Crossed it and visited St. Paul’s Cathedral. We managed to catch the choral evensong, it was beautiful!

# – On the Millennium Bridge.


We made our way to the West End as we were catching a musical at Dominion Theatre. Fueled up at one of the oldest fish & chips shop in London called “The Rock And Sole Plaice”. Pricey but pretty good.

# – Huge portions. Got my pickled egg fix too.


After dinner, we watched “We Will Rock You” at Dominion Theatre. It was really entertaining with entire music from Queen. Audience were singing along and waving their hands.

# – Packed!


After the musical, we went to Leicester Square. Went to M&Ms World.


# – OMG


And then we went back to our home away from home. What a day!