JGM 7620 is an effing retard.

This morning, I woke up happy and gay thinking I could go to work early. Lo and behold, guess what I found?

JGM 7620 is an effing retard.

JGM 7620 is an effing retard!

Not only did she not leave a note with her number, she probably thought she had done me a favour by giving me a 4 feet gap to come out. Stupid brainless bitch.

I toyed with the idea of smashing all her windows but then a bystander told me to just call the cops, which I did.

Long story short, bf took me to work in the end albeit 15 minutes late. When I was at work, bf called me to tell me that cops had arrived at the scene. I had a conversation with one of the cops and he told me it’s a hard case for them because I was supposedly in the wrong too, for parking on the road shoulder and should they tow her car etc, it might backfire on me if she counter reported or something retarded like that. I asked the cop how much would my summon be, and he replied that it would cost me the grand sum of RM70. I told him blatantly that I’m willing to pay that just to get the bitch’s car towed.

In the end, he said he will settle it for me so I really don’t know what happened after. The whole day I was fantasising about how to wreck her car if it’s still there by the time I get home from work. In fact, a friend direct messaged me on Twitter with the suggestion, “IF that car’s still there, break some raw eggs on it. When the sun comes up, the eggs will set. Can’t wash it off. Seriously, it works”.

Alas, it was gone when I reached home. But now another Kelisa is parked right in the same spot -__- WTF is wrong with these people man??? Luckily, due to its small size, I’d be able to maneuver my car out. I’m so glad I’m moving to a different area soon because this place is beginning to be infested with inconsiderate, retarded assholes.

We’re doing the final inspection of the new place tomorrow morning and then we should be getting the keys. Gawd I can’t wait to move out!!