Why I changed my mind about pre-wedding bridal studio shoot.

Some of you might know that I was quite opposed to having a bridal studio shoot. I found it a bit cheesy but the real reason is because I actually really don’t like other people taking pictures of me, not even Gareth, haha.

Seriously, we have had numerous quarrels over pictures he took of me for my blog because I didn’t look good or right in them. Truth is, I should blame myself for being unphotogenic but of course, being me, I blame him lah hahahaha.

When this wedding thing happened, I told Gareth that we should go on a kickass holiday and then take our own pre-wedding pictures, armed with a remote trigger and tripod. He thought it was inviting trouble but hey, people have done it before! Damn pretty the pictures right?

Anyway, just the idea of having other people take pictures of me, important pictures of us freaked me out. Maybe it has something to do with all the horrendous press stuff I’ve done before. For instance, the last magazine shoot I had was so bad I had just completely lost faith in local “professional photographers/stylists”.

I mean, after all the makeup, hairdo and matching outfits, this photographer just made me sat on a chair behind a damn coffee table, and posed with my hand. The stylist also stood by the sideline and didn’t say a thing. Trust me, I tried to work it but dudeeeeeeeeeeee, I was wearing a billowy top with high-waisted trousers and the outfit was supposed to be seen full. Needless to say, when the pictures came out I looked like a chunky body builder thanks to having half my body blocked by an ugly table. Gah!

Even when Gareth engaged Anna-Rina to be our ROM photographer, I had my reservations. I mean, I knew Anna takes amazing pictures and all, but I was still stressed. What if my pictures sucked and I had to scream at Anna? I can be a big bad difficult bitch….

Thankfully, it never happened….my fears were unfounded! She restored my faith in local photography so to speak. Hehehehe.

Anyway, back to bridal studio shoot. I was dead against it but you know what they say….never say never. We had one done this afternoon and surprise, surprise, I had fun!

# – Getting made-up! This went on for about 1.5 hours.

# – Gareth too. 3 minutes tops…lol.

Why the change of heart? Well, it just made more economical sense to take a photography package and topping up for the dress I want rather than just renting the dress alone. Besides, my mom and granny think I should have some bridal shots taken because it should be part of my wedding experience. In the end, I agreed…why not? :)

I’m now very glad we did it. The photographer, Wah was patient and funny. My makeup artiste, Berry was just a lovely, lovely girl who is passionate about what she’s doing. I really loved the hairstyles and the makeup and the dresses, which I chose of course hehe.

# – Gareth, flanked by Wah and Berry :)

I really think Gareth should function in a tux full time. Today, I was like…wow my husband so handsome one!?

My first dress is a sleeved A-line gown. I had just wanted something simple & classic and hurmm young…hehe. I also wore my hair down but I had another sort of chignon later on.

# – The A-line gown.

2nd dress is a mermaid cut fuschia pink tube dress. This one, I just told Berry to go all out, make me SPARKLE! By the way, am wearing this on wedding day too…I was too lazy to choose another different dress. Choosing dresses is EXHAUSTING!

# – Getting ready in the evening dress.

Lastly, I got a traditional “kua” to wear. It’s got funny looking dragons on it. I don’t mind them one bit.

#- Berry gave me what she called, “ball ball” hair. Hahahaha. It’s really just those Shanghai 1920s inspired wavy side bangs with a puffy updo. LOVE IT!

By the way, my red stilletos…got ’em for RM75 in Sunway Pyramid. I love Payless Shoes!

# – My wedding shoes, revealed. I’ve got another similar pair in blue with chunkier heels which I got from Bangkok, so I might wear those too…not sure yet.

You must have noticed I’ve only got 3 dresses, that’s cause I reduced the normal 5-6 dresses down to 3. Even with only 3 dresses and a strictly indoor shoot it was so tiring!!! I salute all the brides who can do 6 costume changes and outdoor shoot and still look gorgeous as hell. Just seems impossible for me! I will never be a fashion model, not that I’m unaware that I am genetically incapable of being so already :P

So pre-wedding bridal studio shoot or not? If you’re renting a dress from a bridal studio anyway…why not? It works out cheaper, you’ll have pictures you can remember fondly or funnily by (depending on outcomes) and it is quite fun to play dress up :)

I am quite excited in seeing the pictures next week. I hope they turn out well. Actually I think they will turn out well because Wah showed me a few on the camera and I was like, heheheh how come I can look so nice one :D :D :D :D