10 Places I’ve Been to and Want to Go Again!

1. Hong Kong

I grew up watching TVB shows. Being in Hong Kong was really exciting especially whenever I stumbled upon familiar scenes from those dramas. Like this spot where street walkers like to hang out, tee hee hee.

# – Wan Chai Club. Hehe.

I want to go back to Hong Kong again so that I could go to this dessert restaurant called Shi Liu Shan and eat this plate of curried animal organs, pork skin, squid, radish and fish balls again, and again and again.

# – This is how chinese curry is supposed to look like.

I also want to go Tung Choi Street or more famously known as Lui Yan Kai for some mad shopping and eat delicious seafood at Dai Pai Dong!

# – Dai Pai Dong.

Source: philadelphia.grubstreet.com

The dirtier, the better, please :)

2. Siem Reap

I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2006 and I can’t believe I haven’t gone back yet. Cambodia is always at the back of my mind; it’s so beautiful, the people are friendly and the history of the place is just overwhelming.

# – At the backyard of Angkor Wat.

Despite its beauty, it’s unnerving and sad to know that many Cambodians are still at risk of being maimed by landmines left by the Pol Pot’s regime. We visited the landmines museum and that place made me cry.

The museum was also a sort of shelter for people who lost their limbs due to landmines and there was a shockingly high number of young people. It was heartbreaking :(

# – One of the living huts at the museum. The place is peppered with artificial limbs :(

We visited the museum during the last leg of our trip so we couldn’t afford to donate much but the next time I go I hope I could contribute more to the landmine cleaning efforts. And of course, to see Angkor Wat once again.

3. Western Australia

Perth, the capital of Western Australia was the first place I’ve been to the continent.

# – Swan River from my hotel.

My initial impression of Perth was slow-paced and to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to go back again, till I read about the journey of The Extraordinary Taxi Ride’s Malaysian winner, Dr Ling.

I was surprised to discover that Perth boasts of one of the largest innercity parks in the world. At more than 400 hectares, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is even larger than New York’s Central Park! How on earth did I miss that out??? I love picnicking in moderate weather on soft, green grass but you just can’t do that in Malaysia, can you?

# – Picture of Peppermint Lawn in King’s Park & Botanic Garden. I want to eat cucumber sandwiches and roll around on these soft, green grass.

Source: bgpa.wa.gov.au

As for shopping, there’s Fremantle for the weekend markets and King Street for high-street and high-end stores that are opened 7 days a week. King Street is also a jewellery galore as there are unique opportunities to purchase jewellery items made from gold nuggets, Argyle diamonds, Australian opals and Broome pearls. Now I want to go back to Perth so desperately!

As I dig more, I found out that South West region of Western Australia has been named one of the world’s Top 10 Regions in Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2010, and is famous for its internationally renowned forests, beaches and wineries. You can also buy those exquisite black truffles fresh or enjoy them in fine dining restaurants from June to August every year as Western Australia is the largest producer of black truffle than all other parts of Australia put together.

# – Black truffles from Western Australia. Oh my gawd!!!!!

Source: abc.net.au

The next time I go to Western Australia I’m going to make sure I will gorge on these babies, I’ll put them on everything, I’ll brush my teeth with them :P

I also won’t be missing out on the experience of walking among tall forest tress in The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. It’s the first walk trail of its kind and at 40 metres above ground, talk about a thrilling experience!

# – The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Source: https://www.splateagle.com/blog

I hope to get acquainted with nature at The Coral Coast in Western Australia. I particularly want to see and swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia, where it is renowned for its amazing wild dolphins, which have a daily ritual of coming close to the shore!!!

# – Wild dolphins at Monkey Mia in The Coral Coast.


Do you know that Ningaloo Reef is the largest coral reef in the world found so close to land making it easily accessible from the shore? Just look at this magnificence!

# – Ningaloo Reef…breathtakingly beautiful!

Source: guardian.co.uk/travel/

Seriously, I can’t wait to go back to Western Australia and truly explore this part of Australia. Thank goodness for value air tickets from carriers like AirAsia.

4. Osaka

My first trip to Japan was to Osaka and it blew my mind!!! I went to the shopping area called Namba and I had never been to such a surreal place. The place was as futuristic as it’s old, what an odd combination!

# – At the crowded Dotonburi Street.

If you want to know what “sensory overloading” means, you’ll find out in Namba, Osaka.

# – On Ebisubashi Bridge. See the yellow ferris wheel in the background?

I’d love to go back there to ride on that oddly shaped ferris wheel behind me and to visit Fujin Raijin II for the world’s scariest roller coaster :D :D :D

5. Los Angeles

This was where I breathed the same air as Kobe Bryant’s! Yes, ladies & gentlemen I walked three blocks to Staples Center thinking it was only 3 buildings away when it was actually, really, really, really far to watch a Lakers game. It was cool as hell. The atmosphere was electric!

# – Cheap seat in Staple Centre but great cause I could see everything and take in EVERYTHING!

I was on a cheap city tour so I only had about 30 minutes to hang out at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and of all stars, I decided to take a picture with Martin Scorsese’s.

# – Pretty sure Martin Scorsese knelt in the same place many years ago too.

The next time I want to go back so I could hang out at Viper Room (instead of passing it by in a speeding van :P), maybe I could see River Phoenix’s ghost :P

6. Bangkok

Seriously, who doesn’t love Bangkok? It’s a short plane ride from KL and it’s so currency friendly for us, hehe.

# – Bangkok street food.

I want to go to Bangkok as many times a year as I can. The food, the shopping, the nightlife; it’s the best city to unwind.

# – MORE food!

Hope things get better in Bangkok soon, Thais are very resilient they’ll bounce back in no time and I’ll be very happy to contribute to its economy :)

7. Seoul

When I was in Seoul, I had only managed to check out the tourist trap town, Itaewon and ate some not so good Korean food, lol.

# – At a random street.

The reason I want to go back to Seoul is because I didn’t get to eat live octopus and the next time, I’ll make sure I do research on where to get that local delicacy.

# – Yeah, kinda like this :D

Source: hapworkingtheworld.com/

And, I want to go to Lotte World!!!!

8. Sydney

I was really emotional and lonely when I was in Sydney.

# – Even my pictures were emo :P

I explored the city by myself and went to the dodgy Kings Cross where I had the most delicious cannoli. Also went to Sydney Opera House and touched its roof.

# – The details of Sydney Opera House’s roof.

Then I got laughed at by some angmohs because of the picture below…

# – Notice the water droplets on the side of the picture? This was taken of the Opera House shortly before I was splashed by a big wave -_-

It’s such a beautiful city and I wish to go back with the boyfriend in tow and truly enjoy the place.

9. Tokyo

Going to Tokyo was a dream come true. Armed with badly scribbled instructions on a piece of hotel notepad paper, I mustered enough courage to navigate the infamous intricate train system.

# – In a train.

Went to Tsukiji Fish Market where I had the most awesome, freshest chirashisushi.

# – Hard at work at Tsukiji.

Also visited the beautiful Meiji Shrine. It’s so tranquil and peaceful.

# – At the Meiji Shrine.

And finally, experiencing sensory overloading in Harajuku all by myself.

# – Somewhere in Harajuku.

Why I want to go back again? Because this time I want someone to be with me while I get lost looking for Shibuya Train Station -_-. I practically walked the entire Tokyo and it would be nice to have someone to share the fun while on your feet, lost & tired lol.

10. Beijing

Why do I want to go to Beijing? It’s simple, I want to climb the Great Wall again, this time with the boyfriend :)

# – At the Imperial Garden’s frozen lake in Beijing’s Summer Palace.

Check out this picture of the lake in summer I ripped off from Wikipedia…

# – Beautiful!

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_Palace

Obviously, the other reason why I wish to go to Beijing again is to be able to enjoy the place in spring or summer as I’d only been there during winter (cheaper mah…).

The great thing about this list is that it’s not really hard to achieve. And I’m happy that more than half of the places on the list like, Siem Reap, Western Australia, Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok are highly possible with AirAsia being so friendly on my pocket. Can’t wait for the airline to dominate other routes as well so I can see more places!