2 years.

My dearest Levi and Lola,

Yes, these are your real names my babies. You must be wondering why you’re no longer Apollo and Artemis…afterall the names are rather apt being twins and all?

Well my darlings, remember when mummy and daddy said we were going to keep your names for your future siblings? Well, as it turned out we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do that – because Levi and Lola were the names we had been calling you while you were still swimming in my belly. Recently we finally got our bums around to register your birth certificates, so we decided to go with your intended names.

Can you believe it babies, it’s already 2 years since that fateful day. A lot has changed since! For one, you now both have a little sister named Lily. Lily looks just like Lola, but with a bigger, chubbier head haha. Thank you for gifting mummy with Lily, my dearest as she’s the magical salve that soothes the wounds you imposed on me. No more hard feelings!