Yoko’s at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Within the same week after checking out Daikanyama, we returned to the same area to meet up with a good friend at Yoko’s, a restaurant owned by a Japanese lady named well, Yoko.

# – Yoko’s.

The interior of the restaurant was cozy and unpretentious, in my opinion the perfect atmosphere to catch up with friends. Due to its location, I would imagine people who visit the place for the first time to expect a sort of 5 star service, where waiting staff would be on their hands & feet at their beck and call.

However I would like to warn against having such expectations, for Yoko’s is not that kind of eatery. It’s just a friendly, casual, humble, almost unassuming restaurant serving wonderful Japanese fusion food at a prime location.

# – Inside Yoko’s. Hmm, nevermind.

Our friend, who is a regular at Yoko’s sung praises about the food and knowing his tastebuds, I was very excited to check out the place!

# – We started with fresh, thickly cut salmon sashimi. Beautiful!

# – Followed by the Dragon Roll. Standard stuff, no negatives :)

# – And then, Spider Maki. Cripsy, meaty soft shell crabs, yummy!

# – Butterfish sushi. Fresh, meaty sliced raw butterfish on sushi rice.

From this point forward, the dishes started to get really interesting. Many of whom I couldn’t recognise or name as they were specially created by the owner of Yoko’s.

# – The peculiar dish called Adam & Eve, which is essentially various seafoods cooked in an apple. Superb amalgamation of flavours.

# – I loved Adam & Eve! Every morsel of seafood, be it scallop or prawn was cooked to perfection and beautifully flavoured by the flesh of the apple. The apple itself on the other hand, was flavoured by the sweetness of the seafood. What a treat!

# – Salmon 4 Floors Sushi. Like rice & salmon mille feuille. If you like your salmon sashimi unadulterated by too much flavours, this is perfect.

# – Chicken thigh and leek yakitori. I really enjoyed this but the BF loved this more because he’s English and English people like leeks.

# – Mentaiko pasta, the highlight of my dinner. One of my favourite Japanese ingredient is mentaiko (spicy fish roe) and I could eat like 3 bowls of rice as long as I have mentaiko to go with. This simple pasta dish was just spaghetti with a creamy sauce made of mentaiko and probably mayonnaise. Every mentaiko clung on to the pasta for dear life and that’s the way I love it. LOVED IT!

# – Yoko’s No 1 Roll. This is a roll packed full of eggs, veggies, fish and other goodies. However not recommended when you’re too full because it’s quite a generous portion. Our friend got a bit carried away with ordering food, haha.

# – Japanese inspired Crabmeat & Avocado Pizza. Delicious crabmeat and chunks of fresh avocado baked on a thin, crispy base topped with some sinfully delicious sauce. Addictive!

Yoko’s pricing ranges between RM30-RM150 but portions are generous with fresh ingredients. Considering its location, it’s really not that expensive either.

All in all, I was really happy with the food at Yoko’s. My only regret is that we didn’t get to meet Yoko, who according to our friend is a gorgeous & vivacious character. It’s okay, because we’ll be back and then I would like to thank her for such gorgeous food!

# – Yoko’s menu.

36, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2144 3378