almost a quarter century year old

i should be blogging, but am really not feeling so verbose these days. oh well i’m going to try.

i got roses this morning at the office. the babber secretly sent em to me for my impending birthday. he had just given me a brand new white nokia n97 just about a week ago. my bf is the best one in the world :)


i ought to blog about my recent trip to thailand but i just haven’t got the bleeding time to process any picture. i endeavour to at least write a proper post by the end of the week.

here’s a picture of my room at le meredien chiang mai as a teaser.

le meredien chiang mai

btw, i’m on leave till monday. am determined to pamper myself properly before going back to work…manicure, pedicure, massage the works. i can’t be hitting 25 looking like a banshee :P

wow, i’m going to be 25 very soon.

here are my posts of when i was:

22 – errr, i was depressed in Singapore so no birthday post :P
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