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3rd day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at the car rental place at Heathrow.

# – Just standing only….


Top from H&M. Can’t remember where I got the skirt. Can’t remember where I got the scarf either. Bag from Louis Vuitton. Shoes from Bangkok. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


We didn’t do much today. Slept in a bit and then took the tube back to Heathrow to sort our rental car out.

We wanted a fairly powerful car for driving on San Bernardino Pass, so we’re pretty happy with what we got, which is a VW Passat estate with a 2.0 turbodiesel engine…pushing out 320Nm of torque.

# – Our ride for our Eurotrip. We have christened it “Fresh Milk”.


We drove the car back, pick our luggages and stopped by Sainsbury for snacks, bags and towels (just in case).

Then we had dinner at this place called Cantina do Gaucho for some Brazillian food. I didn’t have high expectations cause the place’s located in a pretty dowdy area.

We ordered rump steak with rice & beans as well as salmon with rice & beans.

They were surprisingly tasty! I never knew beans and rice could taste so good together!

# – My rump steak with rice and beans.

Man, I miss it already!

After dinner we drove 1.5 hours to Dover Ferry Terminal to catch a ferry to Calais, France.

Well, right now we’re still at the ferry terminal because our ferry is at 12.30am. At time of blogging it is 11pm.

We should reach Calais at about 3am but we haven’t booked any hotel or accommodation so we reckon we might need to spend a night in the car hahahha.

# – In the queue for our ferry.


Well, that’s fine cause it is all part of the adventure! Teehee.

Before I forget, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and happy holidays!

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Will Honesty Stalls work here?

One interesting thing that I’ve come across in England was the concept of honesty stalls. I’ve seen one on the way to Minehead and another in the town of Watchet.

Honesty stall.
Honesty stall.

Honesty Stall.
Eggs for honest people.

Honesty stalls are basically stalls selling vegetables and other goodies. What differentiates an honesty stall from the conventional stall is that they’re no people manning the stalls. To pay for your goods, all you have to do is slip the money into the mailbox and that’s it.

The cash register is the hole in the door.

To be honest, I just could not imagine such concept to ever take off in our country. Can you? The level of civility in England really amazed me, the way people give way while driving or walking and even something as basic as picking up their dogs’ poops from the street. Sure, the council estates are supposedly scary but seriously, it’s really nothing compared to our housing estates with its sky-rocketing snatch theft crimes.

Were they ringgits?
Were they ringgits?

It’s really funny hearing the Babi warning against chinese being jews and taking over the country. It’s like hello, you think we like to live in this shithole of a country? I’d much rather migrate to any of the Top 10 cities in the world. They welcome young, capable adults like us with open arms. The ONLY reason we’re staying here and take your stupid shit is because our parents and elder family members are here and are (unfortunately) sentimentally attached to this country for reasons unbeknownst to me.


You people who are abroad now. Just stay there and be happy don’t come back to this hot, hopeless shit.

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