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Chilling out with Hugh Laurie.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now, after a day filled with walking and eating.

Chilling out with Hugh Laurie.
Who is on this week’s tv guide hehehe.

Eh my webcam’s quality is not that bad.

Went to the Garden Centre and had a Sunday’s carvery lunch for the first time. IT WAS AWESOME. I propose that carvery lunch be made a staple meal in Malaysia.

Also had a massive scone with fresh cream and strawberries. OMG IT WAS AWESOME.

Visited some friends at their home. Had homemade lime chicken wrap for dinner. Had a lovely time :)

Oh, Mom mailed and told me we’ve got a new puppy!!!! She’s called Sisi, about the size of a palm. I can’t wait to see her :)


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3 quid an hour Internet.

Aight, I’m on really fast broadband for 3 quid an hour. And the hour is almost up. So I hope I’ll manage to blog this, pictures and all before I get cut off. Heaven forbids if I’d ever use roaming 3G anymore after the expensive Thailand episode :P

I’m now in Worcester. It’s almost 9pm and it’s not even dark yet. Will be having late dinner in a bit.

Anyway, it’s a fab day. The Three Choirs Festival is ongoing now so we dropped by Worcester Cathedral for some of the rehearsals. The Cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful.

Saw Arthur the Prince of Wale’s tomb, brother to Henry IIIV VIII too! After watching The Boleyn Girl I sort of read up on their history so it’s really cool to be seeing a tomb of someone so significant in history. No pictures for now, but I’ll definitely post when I have the chance :)

Anyway, here are pictures of me drinking Dr. Pepper…

Dr. Pepper
A bottle of Dr. Pepper.

and REAL full cream milk….

Gulping down delicious REAL full cream milk.
Gulping down delicious REAL full cream milk.

eating a fab apple turnover with REAL cream….

naughty but nice.
Fresh cream – naughty but nice, that’s the catchphrase!

and gorging on a lot of cheeses!
Cheese with unpronounceable names.

I am so happy :)

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