10th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France. Dressed pragmatically heh.

# – Quite cold.

Top trifted in Bangkok. Trousers from Bangkok. Jumper from Puma. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Bag from Louis Vuitton. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


Chamonix wasn’t even in our initial itinerary but the hubs wanted for me to see a glacier for the first time so we decided to do one night there.

# – This is Glacier of Argentiere, visible from Chamonix. The mass of frozen water in the middle….spectacular in real! Pictures do no justice.

The glacier used to extend all the way to town but in present day has receded to almost the top of the mountain :(

Anyway, what a wonderful town Chamonix is! It is surrounded by the French Alps, notably the famous Mont Blanc.

Am sure we saw Mont Blanc but didn’t know which peak it was hahaha.

# – We did have a view of Aiguille Verte from our window :)

From our hotel, we walked to Montenvers Railway to catch a train to Montenvers where we could see the Mer de Glace glacier up close.

It was a pleasant 20 minute ride up (almost 2000 metres above sea level) a steep mountain overlooking the Chamonix valley.

Then, it was a short cable car ride.

# – You can see the glacier path. Imagine, it used to be filled with glacier! It has receded greatly due to global environmental issues.

After the cable car ride, it was another 430 steps of stairs to descend to the mouth of the glacier cave.

# – A lot of signs to tell you there are 430 steps to reach the glacier.

Going down the stairs were not too bad. The worst was just some parts of the stairs that were see-through, looking down not that fun.

Finally we reached the entrance of the cave. It is a man-made cave, of course.

# – The entrance into the glacier Mer de Glace.

I couldn’t believe it, I was seeing glacier for the first time! All those time watching Discovery Channel and BBC Earth and looking at black & white illustrations of glacier in my high school geography textbook.

# – Glacier… though greatly receded. See the grey part of the wall? Used to be that high. Now the top of the glacier looks like some dirt road :(

This is the real McCoy.

# – My hand touching glacier.

# – Obligatory I was there.

# – Beautiful.

After that, we climbed 430 steps back up. It was torturous T-T but it’s all worth it!

I was so knackered I fell asleep in the train back to Chamonix haha.

Our breakfast had completely burnt off by the time we reached Chamonix so we fueled up at a restaurant by the Montenvers Railway station.

Had beef tartare.. again.

# – Delicious with piping hot fries.

# – Dessert was mad mad awesome. Tarte tartin and Grand Marnier crepe.

image image

Then we made our way to Geneva, Switzerland for a quick jaunt. About an hour drive.

Geneva is stunning! Beautiful, posh buildings and look of money everywhere.

# – Geneva.

We headed straight to the lake. I thought Lake Como was beautiful but honestly Lake Geneva was much more breathtaking to me.

The water was a deep blue green colour and the entire lake was choppy, which made it looked really unusual. And it was a really windy place!

# – Obligatory I was there.

# – Hubs.

Then we continued our journey to Dijon. Yeap, where the mustard comes from.

It is about 2.5 hours drive from Geneva. We had a hard time finding hotel cause the city was closed to vehicles. Garmin went apeshit cause as all the roads we needed to go pass were closed for pedestrians.

In the end, after a somewhat illegal driving maneuver and much walking, we managed to find the place….. and doors were locked and reception was closed. Wah I was quite pissed off.

Luckily there was a number which I called and the Frenchman spoke perfect English.

He came down to open the door for us and then he told me that hotel parking was full and we had to find our own parking space.

That was when my bitch fit was triggered lol

Told him if I had known his hotel was technically not accessible by car and his 4-car parking space, I would not have booked it. That they were not very clear with their descriptions online.

He was like, “It is not my fault!”. I gave him dirty looks.

Poor guy. He was a bit pissed off too but he recovered quickly and told us he will show us the way to a public parking area nearby. And I apologised to him for my tone.

I said “merci beucoup” a lot haha.

The hotel turned out very nice. It is on a prime location, at the city’s high street.

Our room is above H&M. Very spacious and near to eateries.

# – Our room is right above H&M.

# – Our view of the high street from our balcony.

# – Nice spacious room.

Did you know that Dijon has over 20 michelin starred restaurants? That’s mad.

We are still thinking whether to splurge on a 2 star because we have busted our budget as it is hahahaha

7th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at the Swiss Alps while we were on the way to San Bernardino.

# – Quite chilly ah… maintain….


Top and trousers and shoes from Bangkok. Scarf from don’t know where. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


We haven’t finished our trip but already I know that today would be the best day of the entire trip.

We woke up, finding ourselves in Switzerland. Had a pleasant breakfast of healthy muesli followed by unhealthy swiss cheese.

# – Healthy.


# – Unhealthy.


Made an instavideo….

# – Gareth on Switzerland.

Then, we made our way to San Bernardino Pass.

I thought the view from our hotel window was amazing. I was wrong.

# – View from our room for reference.


15 minutes into our journey to the Pass, I started tearing up. Yeap, real tears.  Okay, I actually sobbed like a baby.

I felt so lucky, so grateful, so happy, so amazed, so stupefied….all at the same time.

# – Just a railway track by the lake.


I have never in my life seen anything so beautiful. It all felt surreal, actually being there.

# -Just a part of the road we’re on.


Everytime I thought we have seen the best, we would be assaulted again, in a nice way of course, by the sight of something even more epic.

# – Just a bridge to connect people from one mountain to another.


Unbelievable! It was our slowest drive ever, not because of traffic jams but because we kept stopping. You know, to take it all in.

# – Just a lake at over 2000 metres above sea level at San Bernardino Pass.


There were barely anyone, just a couple of handfuls of locals who were either hiking, cycling, biking or just lying in the grass while their dogs running round with frisbees in mouth. Made me miss my Charlie.

# – Obligatory I was there!!

Then we had lunch of cured meat platter and carpaccio, washed down with coffee and hot cocoa. At the summit of San Bernardino Pass, at 2066 metres above sea level, overlooking a lake surrounded by the Swiss Alps.

# – Sorry, but our lunch pwns your lunch.

And we the drove down San Bernardino Pass. Epic. I have no words.

# – Part of San Bernardino Pass.

# – View from inside of our car.

Really, pictures just can’t do justice to this place. I feel so fortunate to be able to experience this together with the love of my life, my husband.

# – Love you boobydoo ♡

After the epic Swiss Alps, we drove to Lake Como, Italy. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

# – Bellagio in the distance.

We had a really nice dinner and then chilled out for a bit, watching people, taking in the lake and enjoyed some gelatos.

# – Parma ham with melons, lamb ravioli and seafood tube pasta.

# – Nyamnyamnyamnyam.

# – Happiness.

Then we crossed Lake Como in a ferry to Milan!

# – The ferry.

# –  On ferry in the dead of night. It was only 9pm.

# – Night view of Bellagio, not the Vegas casino.

We are in Milan now. Will stay here for a couple of days before our next destination.

Wow. What an epic day for us!

6th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

This was taken at Vaduz Castle in the tiny country called Liechtenstein.

# – Leg crossed.


T-shirt from Treadless. Trousers and shoes from Bangkok. Scarf from don’t know where. Sunglasses from Bazzarro.


The day started out really pleasant. We checked out from our hotel in Karlsruhe and found a gastropub called Vogelbrau.

Had some traditional German brunch of white veal sausages with pretzel and goulash. So, so good.  

# – Brunch!

Then we made our way to Neuschwanstein Castle and got stuck in traffic for 4 freaking hours. Honestly,  was shocked by German drivers.

I’d say the driving ethics & standards are pretty similar to Malaysians. They overtake slowly, brake unnecessarily and switch lanes at the last minute. Shocking.

I mean not all were like that but these were the ones that caused the terrible traffic jams.

Anyway, by the time we reached the Castle we realised it was a major tourist trap. It was filled with people! So chaotic and messy, especially when we have experienced nothing but pleasant and calm sightseeing in the past few days.

I didn’t even bother taking pictures.

We continued our jouney into the Swiss Alps, passing Austria and making a pit stop at the tiny, weeny country that is Liechtenstein. The drive was amazing – magnificent mountains and rivers, couldn’t get bored.

Liechtenstein is stunning! So, so, so beautiful.

# – Vaduz Castle from afar.

# – Hubs taking a picture. In the background is Vaduz Castle.


# – The landscape of Liechtenstein.


We then left Liechtenstein and made our way to Switzerland. Stunning landscapes…..pictures could never do justice. You got to be here to understand it.

# – A peek of the Alps. I took this picture when we stopped by the road for a bit.


We reached our hotel overlooking the Swiss Alps. Just had dinner in a restaurant down the road – beautiful dinner.

# – Beef tartare, schnitzel & pasta, veal cordon bleu, tomato & orange ravioli soup and Swiss cheese platter. Burp!


Great start, tough middle, great finish. That basically sums up our day.