Salted plum pork chop recipe

This was an experiment that turned out really well. I wanted to grill some pork chops but was unsure of what to marinade the chops in. When I opened my fridge, the bottle of salted plums called out to me.

I love salted plums! I use them for this salted plum lemonade drink that is possibly one of my favourite drinks ever.

This recipe is so mind-boggling easy….all you need are 3 ingredients. YES, only THREE!

# – Salted plum pork chop.

The ingredients:

  • 2 pork chops, with rind still attached
  • 6 salted plums
  • A dash of ground black pepper

# – First, in a bowl, throw in salted plums and pork chops.

# – Squash the plums and massage the chops with the flesh for 2 minutes.

# – Then sprinkle the ground black pepper all over the pork chops. Chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Don’t leave them too long or you’ll end up with salted chops :P

# – Heat up a well greased griddle till when you flick a drop of water in it, you will hear it sizzle (this is a method to check that your pan is hot enough).

# – Lay the chops over the griddle for 5-8 minutes depending on how thick the chops are.

# – Then turn over the chops and cook for 5-8 minutes as well.

# – With a thong, hold up the chop sideways to cook the rind…it will transform into beautiful crackling :D

# – Salted plum pork chops, DONE!

# – Juicy, succulent pork that’s perfectly flavoured with a bit of kick and crispy crackling to boot!

You know you want to make it happen :D

Lemonade with salted plums recipe.

Kuala Lumpur seems to be experiencing some kind of heat wave recently. The weather is so bloody hot! The other day the temperature on my car’s dashboard was reading 42 degrees Celsius?

What the hell…I warm my plates in the oven at 40-50 degrees and I still need oven gloves to handle them!

It’s so warm I really don’t feel like doing anything other than hanging out in the nude with the air-conditioner switched on full blast while sipping lemonade with salted plum.

Speaking of my lemonade with salted plum, it is currently my favourite drink! Tangy, sweet, slightly salty and fizzy, my mouth waters thinking about it.

I feel rather shy posting this because all you need to know what to do is open a can and hold a spoon….

The ingredients:

  • Wet salted plums (you can get them from asian stores)
  • Lemonade (you can use Sprite or 7UP though I highly recommend Bitter Lemon because it’s way more awesome)

# – Yeap, there are only two ingredients for this thirst quencher!

# – These are how wet salted plums look like. They are preserved in some kind of brine.

# – First, drop in two salted plums into a glass. Bruise them with a fork.

# – The plums looking a bit mashed up…

# – Then put in two tablespoons of the salted plums’ brine into the glass. You can choose to omit this step but I really like the taste of the tart and salty juice.

# – Next, open the can of lemonade and pour everything in.

# – Stir….

# – Lastly, top with ice.

# – Lemonade with salted plum, DONE!

# – I could drink this all the time…

I think I’m going to make one now. Oh wait….I just finished a glass 10 minutes ago. Urgh, I don’t care, I’m going to make another glass. I’m hot.

I think I’ll be okay with this crazy heat as long as I get my lemonade and salted plums fix.