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Friday quick notes.

Yeah it’s getting busier at work. Regional Meeting next week across the causeway and my passport had only 4 months left. Got it done in Shah Alam at noon and it’s easy peasy. I think going in the afternoon is the best.

Dude at the counter asked me whether I’ve lost weight cause I looked bloated to the max in my old passport picture :P He also asked for my Subaru polo shirt cause I was wearing one. He asked again the day after when I went to collect the passport (could have collected after 2 hours but caught up at work). So persistent!

Done with my A&P budget, hope it gets approved by the big guns! Anyone can do anything & everything with truckloads of moolah but the skill is in making things happen with limited resources. Know?

Charlies is successfully toilet trained :) He’s been sleeping with us from Day 1 and he’s such a good bed companion…not a sound, not one movement. He’s very protective of us too, one time he was lying near my head while I was sleeping. The room was dark and when my bf walked in, he stood up and started growling at my bf until he said, “It’s me Charlie”. Probably gonna take him to see Sisi and my parents tomorrow, hope he doesn’t freak out my sista from another mother as much as before.

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i love my pup so much 3

I’m currently blogging from Mentakab, a quaint town in Pahang where my Mom grew up. We have just celebrated my granny’s 70th birthday. I’m not going to talk about my granny yet as the pictures are still in the camera.

We made our way back early this morning. Brought Sisi along too, of course. She’s used to the car and all already and was comfortably catching cat naps (heh) throughout the 1.5 hrs journey.

#1 Checking me out before she konked out in her basket.

sisi 1

We arrived at the house we’re renting for one night. It’s located just behind my granny’s home. It’s our first time staying at a residential house while visiting my granny. We used to stay at my granny’s when we’re younger, but since my cousins and us have grown quite a bit there’s not much space to go around and we had to stay at the nearby hotels till this trip.

The house is huge. 3 big bedrooms and a loft with 4 (!!) beds in it. All got air-cons and only for RM160 a night. Perfect for us till…..
power cut at noon. FYI, Mentakab hasn’t been experiencing the torrential rains KL’s getting. We were so hot, we ended up:

#2 Lying on the marble floor to cool off.


#3 Excuse my greasy face as it was really fucking hot.


But I was still in a jolly mood cause the marble floor really did cool us down and we were all just lying down, chit-chatting while a little fluff went on a rampage.

#4 Fluff above my head about to exact her revenge…


#5 …which was licking my face ferociously for taking over the floorspace.


#6 Sigh, I love you too :)


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