8 people i avoid working with

at my job, i get a lot of different people pitching proposals to me. i’ve come to realise that i consciously avoid working with certain people:

1. people who have never done their research properly and do not know anything about my company or products.
2. people who do not title their email subjects properly. You know, “VISUAL” “PICTURES” “CONTRACT” “PROPOSAL”. where’s the context, hello?
3. patronising people who keep cutting me off
4. patronising people who keep cutting their colleagues off. yes i know you’re are the boss and you’re probably training him but you shouldn’t keep interrupting the young executive who is doing the presentation.
5. people who are bullshitting me. i’ve heard gems like they’ve got 30,000 unique visitors a day to their website. seriously.
6. people with fake accent who revert back to their neutral voice when they get caught off guard by my questions (refer no.1)
7. people who namedrop profusely
8. people who try to flatter me for favours. i’m sorry, a hundred thousand praises will never be able to top a 15 minute display of professionalism.

i wanted to make a list of 10 but i couldn’t. i guess there are not that many people i don’t like to work with, thank goodness. what about you, what kind of people you can’t work with?