When not to use shaving cream

You know how the mirror in the porch has been bugging me with its stains and streaks?

I tried everything but the cloudiness just wouldn’t fade. At last, I tried Google.

Many suggested shaving cream to remove stubborn cloudy stains from mirror.

So I did it.

# – Like frosting a cake.

Left it alone for 15 minutes then wiped it off with paper towel.


Looks worse than before -_-

This was probably as useful as the time I put mayonaise on my hair to make it softer.

By the way, that’s my very first blogpost after my xanga blog imploded. How time flies.

Damien getting hitched

Yay Friday! We’re taking a trip to Malacca for the wedding of one of our oldest friends, Damien. Damien is getting married to Amy.

OMG Damien is getting married!!!

# – This is Damien.

Damien is one of those solid fellas that you can always count on.

One incident that I will always remember, it happened in Redang Island back in 2005 while we were on a group holiday.

I was inappropriately grabbed by some dude while snorkeling in the marine park and it was Damian who stomped around the island trying to look for the bastard to beat up! Although we didn’t manage to find him, it was very comforting to have a friend stand up for you like that.

So yeah, thank you Damien. I am so happy for you and Amy! :)

See you guys later!

New kitchen toy

Finally my new toy has arrived! I bought it on a group deal site.

# – The Banana Yogurt.

This nifty gadgetry is supposed to turn frozen fruits into soft serve ice-cream.

The purchase was totally justified, I just had my dental braces put on and I thought I’d need a healthier alternative than store bought ice-cream.


Now? Now I can chomp through solid food like a combine harvester /sheepish

Anyway, you’d think they would be more creative with the naming of the product. It’s actually an OEM version of Yonana, but Banana Yogurt? Really?

# – Yo? How does inserting fruits into a chute becomes “yo”?

Am really excited to use it. I’m going to freeze some fruits as soon as I get home.

Will review the product in detail!