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Nuffnang Tiger Standout Party!

Nuffnang Tiger Standout Party was fab.


I went as a chinese streetwalker with intention of landing a gweilau.


I study engrish very hard. I can say, “I would like, some wot ah”.

But ah…I didn’t stand out much. Some thought I was a Tai Thong waitress, aiyak! Didn’t even win one miserable prize…I need to work harder with my costume in the future.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t that pathetic. I managed to be the FIRST privileged standout. The prize for this? Fame and glory.


No. 1

So many imaginative costumes that night.

Yee Hou
Got beggar.


Got terrorist.

Even my biao mei from China was at the party. I give her the wisdom in finding gweilau.

biao mei
My biao mei is very plitty.

Let me tell you the gweilau count on that night was so low. The only other person that came close to being a gweilau is this one. His hair very bronde.

Fakeplan white person.

Now onto party pics..

It may look like I was intruding in the picture below. But the real intruder was KY!


Me, Mell and the picture intruder -_-. But if you looked carefully, KY was upstaged.


Michael, Michael’s gf and me. And who is that dude with his tongue out at the back?????

dress to kill
These girls dressed to win! The winner is the missy in the gigantic costume w00t.

Party fuel
Party fuel.


Horng, Selina and me.

The end of the party was near when someone announced Timothy‘s birthday. Yeah we were all given a piece of paper earlier to write birthday wishes for him which we then stuck on his bodehhh.

happy birthday
Congratulations, you’re an old fart now.

Last picture for laughs.


Holy shit my arm is the size of their waists (Suet, Jia Mei, Aud)! -____-

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I was NOT Phua Chu Kang -____-

Just got back from Nuffnang Music Bash 09. It was such a blast, even people from tv were there. I went as one of the Village People. I was so happy with my costume because I loved the irony…I was a woman playing a woman trapped inside a man’s body.


Obviously, people below the age of 25 have no idea who Village People are.

“Hello Phua Chu Kang!!!”

“Err I’m not”. -_-”

“Bob the Builder!!!”

“Err, not”. -_-”

“Who then???”

“Village People”.

“Say what?”

That basically sums up my entire conversations with people for the evening.

For you babies out there, these are the village people:

#1 – Village People.
Village People

My costume was really simple. A white vest, black trousers (jeans would have been better but mine was in the laundry :P), sunnies and construction hat. I spent all morning trying to look for a fake moustache but failed. Ended up drawing it with mascara and eyebrow pencil hehehe. It’s okay, saved a couple of bucks.

#2 – First picture as a proud gay man.

#3 – With Cindy MDG who came as Britney Spears.
With Britney Spears.

#4 – With Kellster, who looks fab in her glamrock costume!
With Kellster

#5 – Guess the nipple. Owner is so cool his nipples give directions.
Guess the nipple.

#6 – With Ah Horng.
With Ah Horng.

#7 – With gwailou.
With gwailou.

And the last picture of the day…

#8 – Faded moustache.
Faded moustache.

Going to see Oasis tomorrow in Singapore. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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