House Renovation Update #1- Demolishing

This morning we dropped by the house to check on the progress and also to discuss with the electrician on how many power points, switches etc that we want.

It’s quite surreal to see the transformation. Just two weeks ago the house was in a sorry state with ugly as hell tiles and overgrowth of shrubs and unidentified insects crawling around. Now it’s almost completely bare.

Here are some pictures:


# This is the kitchen before.

# We demolished a section of the wall so when it’s done the kitchen will extend into what is used to be a wash area. All the old tiles have been stripped off. The entire kitchen except one wall section will be tiled floor to ceiling. In fact, the kitchen will be the biggest space in the entire house, that’s how serious we take our food, hehehe.


# This is the staircase before.

# We have ripped out all the parquets and old wooden railings from the staircase. We are putting laminated wood flooring for the staircase and the entire upper floor.

Living Hall

# This is the living hall before.

# The old tiles have been ripped off. The concrete bench under the windows have been demolished. We’re also putting in new doors, windows & grills. As for the ground floors, we’re not tiling the them at all, just going for smooth cement render.

Master Bedroom

# The master bedroom before.

# The parquet flooring has been removed and will be replaced with laminated wood flooring as with the rest of the upper floor. The old door frame has also been hacked out. The french doors on the left will also be removed and turned into a wall.

Room 2 & Room 3

# The rooms before.

# Room doors, bathroom doors and old bathroom tiles have been hacked out. Parquet flooring also removed. These rooms will be my wardrobe/vanity/activity room and guest room.

So there, some updates on the progress of our new home :)

And also, if you’re not into this sort of things, here are some pictures of me mucking around:

# Say no to fugly grills :P

# Here’s me dressed up in solidarity with my contractor. Hehe.

# And another one in the now bare toilet.

Till the next update, happy house renovating!

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The house.

As some of you might know, we’ve just bought a double-storey terrace house in Bandar Sri Damansara. We’ve lived here in BSD for the past 5 years and have grown to love the quiet neighbourhood, the various good food nearby and its accessibility to NKVE, MRR2, LDP & Penchala Link without being too near to high density areas. Of course, it helps that Papa Rich is also opening right at our doorstep and there’s always a nice, clean park in Desa Park City to walk emoCharlie. All we need now is a 24/7 KFC and we could count ourselves jackpot winners.

Anyway, it was a very stressful time for us buying the house because of rogue agents and ill-informed owners. One of the reasons we were in so much pain was also because we were only focused on one residential area. We did check out places like USJ, Kelana Jaya, SS24 etc but in the end we realised that we had been looking everywhere but home.

Long story short, we popped up early this morning to have a final inspection of the house with the property agent. We’ll be getting the keys tomorrow. Been dreaming about this for years and finally it has materialised :)

Credit is where credit due, my bf is the one that has been working diligently towards getting our first home and this is really all his doing. I’m very, very, very proud of my man. Neither of us are from rich families but we’re living a pretty damn comfortable life all because of my babyboo. You’re my rock and I love you so much. I’ll let you play more badminton lor…

As for me, the only think I’ve probably contributed is a lot of bitching about our current apartment. Heh, seriously I don’t even know how I managed to land myself a gem like him.

So some snapshots of the place before we transform it into our humble abode.

The living room now. Must.get.rid.of.floor.tiles.

Jungle at the back of the house.

This is a 13 year old house and needs a lot of work. We’ve got so much ideas about what we want to do with it. Wiring, roofing, tiles, flooring, walls, landscaping the little garden…I’m so excited!