6 years.

Today marks the 6th year we have been together. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs, but mostly ups I think :)

We almost broke up last year and we were single for 20 minutes. I still remember very vividly, the moment you walked away. It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever experienced and almost instantly I knew I’d made the worst mistake of my life. Maybe it was cabin fever, maybe it was our methods to determine that we were truly meant for each other but in some perverted way, I’m glad we had that fight.

Here’s a post I wrote for our 3rd anniversary reproduced here because I have no words for us, other than I love you and I’m glad you love me back.

A very special date.
December 6th, 2007

After my last breakup, I swore off the male species and resigned myself to a lifetime of being single. It was a simple rationale, no boyfriend meant no disappointment. To be honest, I was more relieved than sad, considering it was a long distance relationship (KL-UK) and the fact that he had commitment problems that drove me insane. One day, after a 2 year relationship and 6 months of broken promises and not seeing him, I finally realised it was not going to work. I broke it off over the phone.

It took me a long time to finally accept the reality of the situation. I lived like a zombie for a while, constantly plagued by urges to call him and beg him to take me back. But I needed to be happy really bad. The relationship was bad for me, he was bad for me and at the end of the day, I didn’t really have a future with him.

In the middle of the mess, I met him. Of all places, an online forum. He had also just come out of a nasty relationship and had sworn off women. It started out as flirtatious bantering. And we gradually moved on to chatting on MSN Messenger. Sometimes when thoughts of my ex rushed back into my brains and my hatred for men reignited, I would even block him on MSN for days.

It didn’t take long for me to be smitten. He’s really smart, quick, witty and very knowledgeable. And the pictures arrived and I really liked what I saw. Soon, we were chatting more than 10 hours everyday. He would cross an 8-lane highway just to buy more Internet dial-up cards to stay online with me. Sometimes, we would talk on the phone…not frequently because he wasn’t in Malaysia (he got whisked away to the land of boredom for work).

Once he came out on the papers and I showed the article to my Mom. She thought something was up, her daughter showing her a newspaper article about a random stranger and while doing that, couldn’t stop smiling or giggling. Yes Mom, your daughter was in love. Finally, after more than a month, his stint in the land of boredom ended and on 6 December 2004, we met.

I picked him up at KL Sentral. I was really nervous. So nervous, that I popped the bonnet instead of my car’s boot. The first time we saw each other, we hugged for the longest time. Before KL Sentral disappeared from our line of sights, we were already making out furiously in the car. The rest, is what you call a history.

Today is our 3rd anniversary. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your are my best friend, my pillar of strength and the best sex in the world =)

I love you so much, baby boo.

# – 4 December 2010, Sunset Bistro, Penang.

i love my pup so much 2

I had noticed a tiny bald spot on the top of her head and then mom touched her head and found the lump. It was a hard lump the size of 5 cent coin and covered in a bit of dried blood. When I saw it I felt like crying. No wonder she doesn’t like us touching her head. Words like cancer and fracture kept darting back and forth in my head.

It was 1.30pm and the vet had closed half an hour ago but we called to check if they’re still opened anyway. Thank goodness they were treating the last patient so we rushed immediately to the clinic. The doc said that it was a piece of dried scalp and she had probably bumped her head and started scratching it till she bled. She never showed any sign of getting hurt to us :( Sigh she’s still a baby.

Doc said the dried scalp will fall off but she had to shave off part of her hair to make the medicine application easier. So now she’s got a really bad hairstyle but no matter, I’m just glad she’s alright.

My brother kept making jokes about letting her wear a helmet cause she loves to run so fast but yet she can’t stop properly. Imagine this little fluffy thing running so fast and when she approaches a wall she just sort of drifts to the side. So many times I’ve seen her heavy bottom do a lift-off -_-. Yeah, it’s so funny but potentially dangerous too. As ridiculous as the helmet idea sounds like, I think I might just get her one.

I don’t think I could deal if she’s harmed in anyway. I’m thinking of getting another dog when we have more space but I’m not sure if I’m willing to share my affection for Sisi with another pup. Is that even normal?

Oh crap, I left my handphone at my parents’.