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Krabi, Thailand – Day 2 (Part One)


After a fun-filled first day in Krabi, we woke up to a scrumptious breakfast spread by Sheraton Krabi. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any picture at breakfast because both my lenses decided to fog up after spending a very cold night stuck in my very cold Lowepro. I was worried sick about the lenses but luckily they cleared up right before our island hopping adventure.

Our destinations were Chicken Island – Thale Waek – Si Island – Poda Island – Railay Beach.

We arrived at the beach. There was no jetty or anything like that. Thais keep it real…just sun, sea and boat. We quickly registered and I was trying to push my poor sea experience out from my head.

Registering for island hopping trip. PICTURE BY NIGEL.

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Krabi, Thailand – Day 1

My trip to Thailand was a good one. I enjoyed myself immensely, courtesy of See Tho from See Tho Holidays. See Tho is one of the most progressive men (extremely knowledgeable & Internet savvy) I’ve ever met and with a wonderful down-to-earth disposition to boot. Despite being the owner of See Tho Holidays, which has offices in Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Hatyai, he personally attended to us and made sure that we had a great time. And indeed, we had a fabulous time. Many thanks to Nicole Tan, who hooked us up with See Tho.

The reason why I enjoyed this trip so much was because we were introduced to a side of Thailand that you’d hardly see in the tourist brochures. All the trip packages offered by See Tho Holidays are personally customised by See Tho himself. He does it by travelling all over Thailand, trying out and experiencing every spot including towns, shops, hotels, restaurants and many more. Then, he would decide on the best and put them on his itineraries.

Personally, I’ve never liked group tours as the pace is too fast and you could never stay long enough to take in the beauty of any place. But with See Tho, there was never a single moment during the trip where I felt rushed. You may think that I’m a bit of a hard selling here, but frankly, See Tho deserves it.

On the morning of 6th July, KY and I took a cab to LCCT for RM65. We reached there and found Kellster and Nigel at Mcdonalds. To be honest I was quite worried about how Nigel and Kellster would be like as travelling partners as I didn’t know both of them very well, but they turned out to be quite a riot :) Especially Nigel. I’ll probably talk more about Nigel in future entries as his funny moments during the trip were priceless!

Nicole and Andy, our official photographer arrived shortly after and before we knew it, we were boarding the plane.

Bound for Krabi.

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