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How do you define a friend? Who are your friends to you? Are they a source of comfort or are they just people you add on Facebook?

This week I’ve had a couple of friends confiding to me about their problems with their other friends. Some were purely misunderstandings, which is common in any relationship but then there are the serious ones which beckon the question: Why are they psychotic people in this world?

These people use and abuse their friends, spread lies to gain trust and play friends against each other just so they could be everybody’s best buddy. These people boast about their capabilities to help you but although finally end up with none of their promises materialised, they are still thick-faced enough to set you on a guilt-trip to help them because their intentions to help you in the first place were “pure and honest”?

Seriously, is there some sort of chemical imbalance in their brains? Is it upbringing? Is it something in their DNAs? I really don’t know but what I do know is that I’m appalled beyond comprehension by the behaviour of these people.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be the best person to be friends with. I am callous, I am bitchy to a fault, I cuss all the time, I’m embarrassing when drunk, I have ego the size of Jupiter and recently, I’m so incredibly stingy that “Kimberly” is becoming the new “scrooge”. But despite all that, I can’t imagine ever in my life to lie to a friend about another friend because I yearn to be his or her best friend? I can’t involve my friends in business deals that don’t benefit each other. I can’t ever put my friends in a position where they’ll be pressured to pay for anything that benefits me. I won’t offer to help my friends in anything unless I know for a fact that I’m really capable of doing so because I don’t want to put my friends in a position where they are afraid of offending me in case they chose somebody else more capable to help them. And more importantly, I don’t want them to lose an opportunity to be helped better because they accepted an offer from someone less capable like me.

And why do I have all these personal rules? Well, simply because I don’t ever want to be at the receiving ends in the situations above. Because it’s common sense. Because friends don’t lure you into a tight spot. Friends don’t use you for personal or business gains. Friends don’t act all nice and kind in front of you but make up nasty stories about you to other people. Friends are naturally proud for you if you achieved something good. Friends are supposed to make you happy, not constantly worried about what kind of stupid shit they’re going to come out with next.

I’m very lucky that I have a group of close-knitted friends whom I trust 100%. Recently, I had some friendship problems of my own too. There was a pair of two-faced couple who almost ruined my group of friends with lies, tricks and more lies but I’m glad to say that they have been successfully weeded out and banished from our lives forever. So what I want to say to those friends who confided in me, don’t lose hope. We all meet psychotic people at various points of our lives but they come and go. Just focus on your real friends who will stick by you through thick and thin.

That said, if you have difficulty of retaining any true friend for more than 1 year, seriously you should get yourself admitted into a psychotic hospital you crazy assholes.

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Wet willy, online shopping, Charlie and need new friends.

Did Charlie give me a wet willy in the middle of the night while I was asleep? Cause I woke up this morning with a blocked left ear. It’s like I went deep sea sleep diving or something. Totally weird.

The Internet is filled with great shopping deals. I bought shite load of stuff. Guess how much I spent on all these:

1 .Lancome Color Fever Gloss – # 316 Blackberry Party
2. Arezia MakeUp Kit (36 Colours of Eyeshadow, 4x Blush, 3x Brow Powder, 2x Powder)
3. Stila Sun Highlighter Face Luminizer – # 02 Highlighter
4. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow – # 01 Golden Seduction
5. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow – # 02 Metal Mania
6. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow – # 05 Blue Joy
7. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow – # 06 Caramel Lust
8. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow – # 03 Chameleon Glow
9. Stila Lip Glaze Stick – Berry
10. Silk Naturals Sleep In a Jar Under Eye Concealer
11. Silk Naturals Climax Blush – NARS Orgasm Clone
12. Silk Naturals Vino- Deep Burgandy Shimmer Blush
13. Silk Naturals Super Soft Vegan Synthetic Kabuki Brush
14. Silk Naturals Ultimate Eye Shadow Brush
15. Silk Naturals Ultimate Concealer Brush
16. Silk Naturals Hot Blooded – shimmery muted, wearable red
17. Silk Naturals Platinum Red – classic matte red lip stick

All for the grand total of USD$123.62 with shipping! Strawberrynet and Silk Naturals ftw! I can’t wait for my stash to arrive.

Going back to my parents this weekend. I miss Brad and Sisi. I wonder how big Brad is now. The last time I saw him he looked more like a guinea pig than a dog. Here’s Charlie looking like a rabbit.


I want to live more healthily. Getting started with my diet – less oil and less salt. Need to lay off the pork lard. Why the fuck do I love pork fat so much? Need to exercise properly. Although I’m walking Charlie almost every evening but I need more cardio. Need to get rid of some bad habits too but there are so much bad influence around me. I need to hang out more with righteous people and those on high horse one. My friends are too laidback. It’s all your fault!!

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Happy Birthday Tsen!

TsenTsen turned a quarter century year old yesterday. W00t happy birthday, you’re an old fart!

Dude’s making his mark in the challenging world of advertising and I’m so proud of him :)

I must have done something really good in my previous life to have found a friend whom I can absolutely count on and one who has no trouble sticking by me through thick and thin. I love you, TsenTsen! *Hugs*

I mean hey, if your friend can tell you with a straight face that you’ve got smelly feet, you’ve found a keeper!

(background story: i used to have a favourite pair of pumas that i wore ALL THE FREAKIN TIME till it’s falling apart, making my feet stank like rotten milk and i didn’t even notice cause i was so used to the smell and it was tsen who dropped the bomb on me….thank goodness. imagine all the people that would have been repulsed by me! and for that i love you tsentsen hehehe)

So we had a birthday lunch at this siuloongbao place at The Curve. I had the signature giant siuloongbau which was a rip-off. The other stuff were so-so. But the service is definitely one of the best in town, I’ll give them that.

Birthday man
The birthday man.

RM15 for one siuloongbau.
RM15 for one siuloongbau. You’ve been warned.

I met TsenTsen in Singapore. We stuck together from the beginning….flat hunting, broadband stealing, secret Malaysian jokes :) One of my most treasured memories with Tsen is having Mcdonald’s breakfast at 4am while watching Rent in his room. Those who know me knew I had a hard time in the country and I can truly say that, it’s all worth it for I was able to meet Tsen :)

Happy Birthday TsenTsen!
Happy birthday TsenTsen!

We lit up his birthday cupcakes in Starbucks and camhored a bit. Blocked people’s way…so awkward.

This picture was taken on a timer.

Me and TsenTsen.
Me <3 TsenTsen.

Thinking of my friendship with Tsen has gotten me to thinking about what constitutes a good and healthy friendship.

If your good friend is not “performing” so well as a friend (ie: having smelly feet, being a motormouth, being insensitive, not spending so much time with you etc), are you going to tell him/her so that he/she could work something out or keep it to yourself till all hells break loose one day? Worst, keep it to yourself and bitch about it with other friends till hells break loose?

As someone’s friend, would you like your friends to be honest with you or would you rather be kept in the dark till you lose them?

Personally, I’d much prefer my friends to be open with me. After all, we’re no longer kids in the school yard playing ‘i don’t fren you!’.

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