Photography trip to Kampung Baru

Embarked on my first photography trip to the quasi-village that is Kampung Baru.

The air was filled with excitement for the coming elections. Almost everything was draped in various party flags and posters, even the houses.

Propaganda t-shirts.

It’s like a messy clash of old and new there. Modern, art deco-ish street lights and decorative poles were being erected for beautification purposes but they clash horribly with the humble traditional houses and food stalls. Well, elections are coming and someone has to be seen doing some work, aye?


The kids were very curious and friendly. All of them wanted to have their pictures taken. I could only indulge them…. :)

Happy boy. Just looking at this picture makes me want to smile :)

The stood quietly and posed for me.

While the adults were working or busy discussing about politics at the food stalls, the children chilled outside their homes.

Children chilling.

Found someone who look kind of out of place and confused.

Confused girl.
Confused little girl.

We had an early dinner at one of the food stalls. The food was cheap and fantastic! I ate loads of beef lungs and tripes. Hmmm hmmm hmm hmmm hmmmm….


Mixed rice.
Beef lungs, beef tripe, beef, belacan and some vege. Spicy and addictive….

Dree tucking in.
Dree tucking in.

The trip ended pretty early due to the rain. We were lucky that we’re so near our car when the sky started to pour.

Rachel, Dree and KY just before the rain set in.

This was my last picture from Kampung Baru.

Flags at dusk.

We adjourned to Starbucks, chatted and drank expensive fumigated coffee till the clock struck 12. What an awesome Sunday!

Pictures in original sizes can be viewed here.

They scared wor.


They’re using water cannon and tear gasses already!

Closing up the city so that they can batter people up with no one watching?


Was thinking of going to KL for some shopping but read this.

Motorists in the Klang Valley found themselves caught in traffic jams on Saturday because of roadblocks and traffic diversions.

Motorists going to work, running their usual weekend errands or returning home from the Deepavali holidays, found themselves crawling on highways and roads in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas like Petaling Jaya.

According to PLUS Highway, traffic from the north along the North-South Expressway has been diverted to the Kota Damansara and Damansara exits as the Sungai Buloh-Jalan Duta stretch has been closed. At press time, no reason was given for the closure.

Meanwhile, police confirm that roadblocks have been set up at various major roads leading to Kuala Lumpur for security checks.

Source: The Star

It’s a peaceful rally for goodness sake. They could have used the security measures for other things like stopping the menace of mat rempits and kids from getting raped .

More the reason to march on!