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You’ll never walk alone.

Yesterday, a kind-hearted gentleman offered to match what I had raised so far Goo’s hospital bed funds and gave me RM400. As much as I like to tell the world how awesome he is, he insisted on being anonymous.

This morning, I received an email from a stranger who offered to donate RM700 to Goo. Within 2 minutes the money was already transfered to my bank account. He wants to be known as “Liverpool FC Fan”.

Later on, an email came in from a lovely friend whom I’ve never met but whose delicious blog I have read since Xanga times offering to donate RM200 to the initiative. We share the same name too. Thanks Kimberly from Kimberly :)

While drafting this very blog post, another email arrived from a stranger offering to donate RM200. I am speechless. Thank you so much, Ms Paige K.

I am truly humbled by the generosity of these people. I admit I have been cynical from the start with this initiative. Selfishly, I’ve gained a lot of emotional satisfaction from doing this pledge, thanks everyone for giving this priceless experience to me.

# – It’s almost off the chart!!

The official amount of money raised now stands at RM1900.

I really believe it now, that you’ll never walk alone.

Thank you all for the support.

Learn about the initiative to raise funds for Goo to get a hospital bed here:

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