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Making my very own Blue Bear.

Harlo people! I’m very exited to blog this because I spent my whole morning making my blue bear a reality :D

You need a pair of sharp scissors that’s good for cutting paper.

Double-sided tape. Don’t know why I look cock-eyed here but I don’t have cock-eyes!

Then I went to Celcom’s website to download the Bearigamy (bear origami) diagram. My Blue Bear of choice? Bearitalia of course :)

Printing the diagram…

Printed and ready to be cut out! I’m so excited!!

Slowly and meticulously cut along the lines. Can’t rush this really. By the way, this origami business is very therapeutic.


10 minutes later……

I got my very own Celcom Blue Bear :)

I can’t believe this was just two pieces of paper 1/2 hour ago!

If you want to make you own Celcom Blue Bear, hop on to https://www.celcom.com.my/vs. There are a lot of other fun stuff there like free ringtones, online games and wallpaper downloads. But my favourite bit is of course, the Bearigamy hehe ;)

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I need a teddy bear!

Yesterday was a good day. My skin barely itched, almost forgot that I’m having it. Was so happy….thought I’m getting my life back very soon. Then this morning, it started on my left knee….and now my entire legs are inflamed and itching. FML. Neck and shoulders are throbbing, I’m feeling another wave of tingles coming soon. Just kill me please.






Enough of self-pity. Need to keep reminding myself that this will be over soon. My skin will return to normal very soon.

No angry bumps.

No weeping bumps.

No itchy bumps.

I need a teddy bear :(

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Speaking of teddy bears, these Celcom’s World Cup Blue Bears are sooooo cute! I was exploring the Celcom website for ways to get my hands on one of the bears and found this cool Bearigamy section. Basically you can make your own Blue Bear origamis for keep!

I have a particular liking towards Bearitalia because it reminds me of Tony Soprano (in blue paint, hehe).

Bearitalia, mamma mia!

Check out the Bearigamy manual I downloaded! I can’t wait to fold this baby into an actual Blue Bear.

Two dimensional now but not for long.

I feel happier already :)

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