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Azzuris FTW!!!

Am now waiting anxiously for Italy vs Paraguay at 2.30am later. Why? Cause my favourite Celcom Blue Bear is the Bearitalia and therefore I have to support its country of origins!

Not to forget that the Azzuris won the last World Cup 4 years ago and I’m sure they will play really hard to defend the title. I predict that the upcoming match will be one of the more exciting ones in the group stage.

So cute, aren’t they? So which is your favourite Celcom Blue Bear?? To collect one of the blue bears and be in the running for RM10,000 cash daily, just sign up with Celcom Exec Savers, which saves you up to over 40% on calls and SMS to ANY network between 17 May to 11 July 2010.

I want to collect all the bears!!! (and get RM10,000)

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World Cup ftw!!!!

Anyone watched the football match between Germany and Australia? Hahahahah it was hilarious as hell! Basically the socceroos were just doing the shimmy on the field while Germany scored over and over again. At the end of the game? 4-0.

It was truly an entertaining game. Instead of catching up on sleep due to the deprivation over the weekends, I stayed up till 4.30am to see if Germany could manage a 6 nil, heh.

By the way, if you join XPAX before 31 July 2010 and stay active (by uploading a minimum RM30 amount), you’d get free 90 minutes worth of calls!

# – Free 90 minutes worth of calls by joining XPAX!

And the best thing about being an XPAX user is that you can dial *118# and download all the cool World Cup content for just RM7 each!

# – Only RM7 each for the awesome World Cup content!

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Met my life-sized blue bear.

Remember this?

Yeah, my cute little Bearigamy is sitting pretty on my desk now. Everytime I look at it, it fills me up with desire to fold 10 more to make an entire football team.

Imagine having my very own team of Bearitalia…it’ll look something like this:

Who dares to challenge my team of Blue Bears?? Englbear? Beartugal? Bearzil? My paper bears will pwn yours haha.

Anyway, guess what?

I met the live-size Bearitalia!!!!! I was so excited. I never imagine that it’d be taller than me in real life you know.


My bear is unsmiling and serious not because it doesn’t have a mouth but because it’s determined to win!

So which is your favourite team? Go find out at https://www.celcom.com.my/vs.

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