Blogging in bed.

Just woke up from a long slumber. The boyfriend is still snoring, albeit very gently next to me. We are in Cameron Highlands for the 3rd anniversary of the photography forum that he founded.

When he 1st started, he asked me to help him design a logo for the forum. We didn’t have any budget for a real designer then so I thought I’d help out the man. It is now the 2nd largest photography forum in Malaysia and perhaps Asia too (I’m not too sure) with 20,000+ members.

Now, everytime I see the forum’s sticker at the back of someone’s car I’m both pleased and somewhat embarrassed at the same time, hehe.

I’m extremely proud of my babyboo. Am also very happy that he’s got so many members and personal friends on his forum who tirelessly contribute time, money and ideas to bring Shutter Asia to where it is now. As the he said to me before, “I only provided a platform. It’s the members that make it successful”.

I agree whole-heartedly, but I also think it’s because he’s a forum owner who doesn’t stifle creativity or freedom of expression. Most of all, he did not start it for money and eventhough he could profit easily from it now he’s not the least interested in doing so.

The chinese in me is dying to pull his ears off for not cashing in but I have to admit, he’s really doing a right thing. We need more knowledge sharing channels without commercialisation constantly threatening their integrity.

Well, my fingers are already aching from typing on this little device while lying flat in bed. He’s still fast asleep and my belly is starting to rumble for food. I’m going to be a brat in a minute, cutting short his sleep to make him take me out for breakfast. He’s unlikely to read this post till we’re home much later today so I want to say when you’re reading this: I love you and I’m proud that you’re my man.

The Cameron Highlands Trip.

I’ve received so many emails on how to rent the bungalow we stayed in. Sorry, it is privately owned, it’s NOT for rent.


Yeah so we went to Cameron Highlands last weekend and had a blast. Ah Horng had an even bigger blast cause his car got clipped by a stupid van on our way up. For the record, he was driving REALLY slow and the van should not have existed. Read his story here.

Ah Horng happy he’s alive.

The rest of us happy for the blogging material.

We threw a picnic on the side of the road while waiting for the tow truck to drag itself up the old and winding road. Used our brollies as bright objects to deter oncoming cars from ploughing into our delicate flesh. I’m still blogging, so I guess it worked.

Suan and Kura-kura during the picnic.

By the time we managed to see the tow truck chap off, it was almost dinner time. Although it was dinner time we had to wait around for a bit because KY was devouring his dessert before dinner time. And Mell kept feeding him it’s annoying. Can you all please scold them for being so inconsiderate? That said, the waiting wasn’t so bad because the bungalow we stayed in was absolutely breathtaking. We’re on top of a hill overlooking the golf course.

The mansion
The bungalow. Thanks Mell for arranging the accommodation!

We had fantastic steamboat for dinner. The vegetable were super fresh! No pics cause too busy eating. Then we went to report police with Ah Horng.

Report police.
ST, Suan and Ah Horng at police station, post-dinner.

Report tarra sah cause accident supposedly happened in Tapah, so have to report in Tapah, which is like 2 hours away from Cameron Highlands. PDRM you are zee best. But Ah Horng managed to convince the Cameron Highlands cop to put in a good word with his cronies in Tapah so he could report the day after instead of the stipulated 24 hour.

We went back to big bungalow for roast potatoes, garlic and a lot of crisps. Also played baccarat and made Ah Horng lost more $$$. No pictures cause busy eating and legality issues.

We stayed up late but woke up damn early to sight see in the Highlands. First stop, tea and scones at Cameron Valley. Btw, pictures from this point onwards are all from my D70s, unprocessed because I can.

Cameron Valley.
Cameron Valley.

Various interpretations of excitement over tea & scones.

FA playing superhero with her scones.

Tea plantation.
Obligatory tea plantation shot.

After that, we went to strawberry farm. It was small. The berries were also small. So, we didn’t eat a single strawberry :(

My strawberry is better than yours.

My strawberry is better than yours 2.

And that’s about it. Then we all came back to reality and jerebu. Hrmm no, actually we rushed back to watch The Punisher, which was a load of shit.

p/s: sorry the bungalow is privately owned, it’s NOT for rent.