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Fruits gush about love relationship.

I’ve stumbled upon two very bizarre blogs written by urm, fruits. I don’t mean like the type in straitjackets, but actual fruits? I know, what on earth am I talking about?

They are a couple made up of berry and a lemon. Yes, I’m still talking! Their relationship seemed to have just started but Lemon is just like every woman out there, thinking the L word already (love lah), but all Berry seems to like talking about is his state of pantless-ness.

Fruits, they’re just like human beings aren’t they?

Love is in the fruit basket

I like to see the development of this fruity relationship but I’m more curious about other things. Like are they going to get married? How would their wedding be like? Will there be a lot of other fruits in attendance? Will Mr. Durian be sitting alone or with other guests? Cause you know…you don’t want any punctured fruity relative/friend on such a happy day :)

They seem to be so much in love already and it’s great to know that this is about the only serious issue that they have to work out (I mean the issue of whether Durian ought to be invited).

And boy, don’t I want to see some little berrylicious lemons or lemony berries running around. I do…..I want to see how those fruity toddlers turn out.

Check out Berry’s blog and Lemon’s blog.

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