9 horrors. At least it’s an auspicious number.

Very early on, I made a point to not really be too anal about every single detail of our wedding because well, I want to stay sane.

Unfortunately, this deliberate ignorance to details has turned into a deliberate ignorance to planning.

As the date draws near, each time (which is everytime) someone asks me how’s the planning going and I realise that I have nothing to contribute to the conversation, it hit me that I am running freakin’ behind.

Horror #1 –

I have not even found a wedding dress. Less than 3 months to go and still no dress. My mom is worried sick but I reckon if I haven’t gone around looking I wouldn’t miss all the nice dresses I have never seen :)

Horror #2 –

I have not found a videographer that I like which is either within my budget or available. The nice ones cost an arm & leg while the slightly cheaper but still expensive type look like they edit all the videos with Microsoft Powerpoint – I don’t even know how that is possible. It’s REALLY SCARY!

Horror #3 –

We have not printed the wedding invitations. I think we’re just going to send out FB invites first and deal with the cards later.

Horror #4 –

Flowers? What flowers? Don’t think this is happening. I just can’t bring myself to spend on things that wilt and die in less than a day. Unless they stay potted, no flowers at the wedding :P

Horror #5 –

Haven’t lost a single miligram. Which is the reason why #1 is delayed. I’m starting to think I should just get married at my current body weight because lets not kid ourselves, I’m NEVER GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT T_T

Horror #6 –

Wedding theme? *Cue nervous laugh.

Horror 7 –

Bridal car. We are torn between a timeless classic Jag or a vulgar Hummer. LOL

Horror 8 –

Emcee. This one is FREAKING ME OUT. Obviously I’m looking for someone who is articulate & eloquent and charismatic and who doesn’t like the sound of his or her own voice too much. I also prefer someone a little witty and a little dirty (personality not personal hygiene). Where to find?

Horror 9 –

Being clueless. Yeap, that’s my horror number nine. I know there are loads more stuff that I must do but I can’t even list them out because I’m clueless. I wish my cluessless can be as cute as Alicia Silverstone in her heydays but mine is covered in zits and greasy hair. The other day I was chatting with LL, a married friend and she reminded me about bedsheets and marital lamps for the marital bedroom and I was like what???? I’m sure more things will occur to me at the last minute and I’m hoping for calmness and adaptability when they hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I also hope my mom won’t disown me at the end of this. I love you mom.

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#homecooked on #instagram

The other day, I went to check out bridesmaids dresses. Honestly I don’t really know yet what to get the girls but many months ago I saw a pink leopard print handkerchief dress which I’d love to see them wear.

My idea was met with some resistance, but hey it’s a really nice dress and not as tacky as it sounds. Promise!!!!

Anyway, instead of finding more bridesmaid dresses, I stumbled upon a wedding dress. Nothing like what I wanted initially but gawddamn I love it.

I put it on and fell in love. Fit me like a glove, no need alteration. G took a photo and wanted to Instagram it but I said no, cause in my heart I was afraid I was going to buy it and everyone would see it even before wedding day T_T

I haven’t even started looking at wedding dresses and I have already found the one. This is crazy.

Against my Bridezilla compulsion, I told the girl I’d return with my Mom and that she must keep the dress for me.

Truth is, I’m only going to go back after I lost a few kilos to try it on again because I am probably at my heaviest now (can’t be sure, cause too afraid to weight myself).

Also, G has seen the dress and I’m kinda bummed because I wanted to surprise him on our wedding day and make him gasp and his eyes welled up from my sheer beauty, that sort of thing.

So, I’m looking at the picture of me in the dress that G took every single hoping I will grow sick of it and eventually hate it. So far, it’s not working.

Anyway, I’ve been cooking a lot (which explains the weight gain).

# – Chocolate torte. Almost flourless….rich & luxurious.

# – Steak, creamy mash and peas.

# – Strawberry yogurt roulade for Mother’s Day dessert.

# – Also cooked sticky baby back ribs for 6 on Mother’s Day. Also mash potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, steamed corn on cob and salad.

# – Made Hokkaido Chiffon Cake for the first time. Quite easy and very tasty!

# – Apple tarte tatin. Made this right after publicly declared I was going on a diet. Sigh.

# – Just made this today. Traditional teocheow snack…chwee kueh. Super easy to make, which is bad cause that means I will make it all the time T_T

Follow me on instagram ok. My nick is “Kimberlycun”. I don’t just post pictures of food la. I’m not that boring. I post pictures of dogs too.

Wedding woes.

Wedding planning is hideously stressful. I’ve started to realise that I can’t just do what I want, which is probably dumping the entire budget on a sick diving/shopping vacation. I’m not even excited about choosing a dress, I just want something that I can eat in.

Sometimes I wake up feeling like I need the most perfect, romantic, whimsical wedding. Other times, I just feel like FTS, I’m going to cook and invite 50 friends over to my house. No flowers, no ribbons, no fuss. But more often than not, I just want to go on a super holiday.

The other day I tweeted about wanting to elope. Someone replied, asking me, “I thought you’re already married”. And then it hit me….we are legally married. Even without the wedding, we are married. So why I am stressing myself sick about this gig?

I could literally just send everyone a note (people whom I’m supposed to care about being present at my wedding although I’ve never met them) that we’re married without a 9-course feast of over-priced mediocre food. I don’t even have to subject these strangers to the discomfort of RSVP-ing “No”.

I think what bugs me is that this is supposed to be my day. MINE. So why does all my planning now involve thinking about what these people whom I don’t know personally might feel about it? Why must I eat 9 course when I really just want oyster shooters and suckling pigs? Okay, and a soup.

I attended a friend’s garden wedding a while ago and I overheard one of her older relatives complaining about the food and the heat, very rudely & loudly. You can’t imagine how pissed off I was by it. This person was invited to celebrate the couple’s union, why was she so fucking self-absorbed about how she feels?

I wish these kind of people would just stop and think about the kind of negative energy that they are spreading at someone’s wedding! And it was a very beautiful and nicely done wedding by the way.

Sigh, am trying to summon enough courage to do exacty what I want with my wedding. It’s hard, but wish me luck.

Anyway, our ROM pictures taken in Putrajaya are ready! Our photographer was the awesome Anna-Rina. At first I was a bit worried that I might look chubby but Anna’s really good with finding my angles, so I’m really happy with the pictures :)

# – Our jolly & cheerful registrar.

# – With my parents & brothers after it’s signed, sealed & delivered.

# – This one is my favorites because we looked happy and relaxed :)

Thanks Anna for the beautiful pictures! <3