I liked Manchester.

I’m glad things are slowing down a bit. My eczema’s threatening to flare (of all places on my friggin’ breasts -_-)and I’m on a semi-food binge because of the stress. My skin looks like they belong to a 70yr old due to the dehydration. I clocked more than 60 hours of flight time, to Manchester and back, then KL and back then Brisbane and back. The last two weeks really took a toll on me. Lets not even begin on the the flight delays. Practically got molested in Manchester Airport, had to take off my shoes and shit for security. The queues in Australian airports are enraging. Flying is such a bitch nowadays.

Anyway, being home albeit for a short period of time really did some good for my well-being. Boo bought me two new pair of sneakers, both Pumas and I love them. I told him that my old pair was making my feet stink to high heavens and the next thing I knew we were in a store shopping for shoes. I don’t know about you but I’m happy (and smug) that neither of us are insecure individuals who constantly need to be reassured with expensive flowers or surprise jewelleries. We’re so practical it must sound really boring but the truth couldn’t be further from that. We’re thoroughly digging the only-gifts-i-want movement.

I had a field time in Manchester in spite of having work constantly breathing down my neck. I was so impressed with Sainsbury, Tesco and Marks & Spencer for their selections of delicious goodies. I think I must have gained 5 kilos downing bacons, sausages, cream cakes, scotch eggs, trifle, donuts, pork pies, eclairs and etc. I went berserk shopping in Primark. Got myself some lingerie, bag and socks and my best buy must be the £8 satin corset top.

I’ll have fun driving one of these.

Went to Old Trafford too of course. Took a £2.50 tram ride from Market Street to Old Trafford.

Saw Kellogg’s HQ while walking to the stadium.

Only saw the outside of the stadium but paid the Mega Store a visit. The enormity of the Manchester United merchandising business hit me when I was in the store. It’s a bit….I don’t know, freaky? That people are willing to pay premium price for products with mediocre quality just because they’ve got ManU stamp on it.

From jerseys…

…to lollipops.

Then I went for authentic English food at The Trafford Pub.

The Trafford Pub menu.

Fish & chips and mushy peas. I <3 mushy peas!!!

Delicious vegetable soup.

English tea in a chipped cup.

I need a vacation. I need to run away to some deserted island and frolick in the sea. Boss, please approve my leave!