Golden showers

In Melaka now. We have checked in to Mio Hotel, a new one near Jonker which is pretty nice.

Our earlier accommodation was decent too…but its name is just awesome x infinity.

“Golden Showers”. 

For those that are stumped, here is a definition of golden shower.

# – Golden Showers.

We were giggling about it like school kids. Of course must take pictures!

Bridegroom also cannot miss out, hahaha.

# – Damien and entourage.

By the way, here’s a comparison of size between my foot and husband’s hand.

# – Hand and foot.

Have a good weekend!

Godzilla seahum

Dressed up for the wedding of one of my oldest, longest friends, Bryan. Not using a mirror cause it’s too dark.

# – Body straight.

# – Body not straight.

This is a champagne gold/black dress I got at a steal from Asos a couple of years ago. I shop awfully lot from Asos, but only from clearance section.

I don’t wear this dress often because it’s pretty impossible to eat in it. Only for special occasions, like a good friend’s wedding :)

Stilettos are from Payless Shoes in Sunway Pyramid. I’ve got two more pairs in gold and red. The clutch is from Bangkok.

My smile is damn weird these days. My lips can’t form a curve without having the braces cutting the inside of my mouth.

I just need patience, as long as I stay patient I will get the best gawdamn smile the world will ever see in 2 years! Rawrrrr!


I love seahum (cockles). Juicy, bloody morsels of heaven. On the way back from Pom Pom Island, we stopped by Tawau for dinner.

The first thing that caught my eyes were the seahums – they were humongous!

I started asking everyone whether they like seahums because I didn’t think I could finish a whole kilo by myself (which was the minimum order).

Nobody was into in :(

Nevertheless, I ordered a kilo of them, half boiled.

# – Seahums.

Pretty ordinary looking cockles, right?

# – Not.

As it turned out, I have no problem finishing a kilo of gigantic seahums by myself.

Godzilla seahums for Kimzilla. Love it!

Anyway, the restaurant is called Kam Ling. It’s apparently the most popular seafood restaurant in Tawau. The price is pretty reasonable for a KL-ite and the variety of seafood is astounding!

I’d go back again if I were ever in Tawau.

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant
No 25, Bandar Sabindo,
Jalan Cheng Fook,
Tawau, Sabah,
Malaysia, 91000
Tel: +60198832511, +60168262511
Mon – Sun: 3:30 pm – 10:30 pm
GPS coordinate: 4.242845 117.890244

Pom Pom Island

Just got back from 5D/4N holiday on Pom Pom Island, an island in Sabah. Pretty awesome name, right?

Pom Pom Island is pretty near to Sipadan. We stayed at Celebes Beach Resort (CBR), which I highly recommend.

It’s a 3 hour flight to Tawau from KL, then airport transfers (1.5 hours van ride, Tawau – Semporna + 1 hour boat ride, Semporna – Pom Pom) were all handled by CBR. There’s no public water transport to Pom Pom, you’d need a resort to take you there and there are only two resorts on the small island of Pom Pom.

# – Crazy clear water.

This was my very first dive after Lasik, so I was understandably excited. Finally, I got to see everything clearly!

# – Group pic with diving buddies! Can you guess which one is me??

I clocked in a total of 11 dives on this trip, which included two night dives. The dive sites were amazing. The visibility was easily 20metres or more! Also hardly any current, which I love hehehe. But most of all, sharp & clear sight of everything /sniffs

# – Rejoicing over a superb dive in Mataking.

Saw loads of turtles, flute fish, coral fish, eels, rays and even a large barracuda named Charlie!

Currently suffering from island life withdrawal :(