Back from Down Under

Just got back from Melbourne. It was such a short trip, I didn’t really get to see a lot of things. The temperature was pleasant. I bought loads of chocolates. Oh, and I also bought crocodile and kangaroo jerky, w00t!

Calories overload!!

Real pastries.

The hotel I stayed in.

View from my room.

Another view from my room.

Went to Chinatown and dropped by this restaurant for my first ozzie lunch.

Had one of the best pork chop rice I’ve ever tasted. I’m missing it already!!!!

I stumbled onto Church of Scientology. Hehehe. I wrote them a letter looking for a church in KL when I was 13 cause I was such a huge fan of Tom Cruise. They actually sent me back shit loads of documents and guidelines on how to set up a church 0_0

I’m not sure what is this building called -_- but it’s beautiful…

Guess what I was so happy about.

Hehehe. People on the street were giggling when I had my picture taken, probably wondering what was this F.O.B. so excited about…

Wish I had more time for sightseeing. Victoria Market was closed so I couldn’t do more shopping, which explains why I spent so much on chocolates instead. Work was okay. Everything went pretty smoothly, thank goodness.

Miss KL. Miss my family. Miss my boo. Can’t wait to come home soon!