Sparkly nails, cheeky dress and loving my popo’s nagging.

Got my nails done over the weekend. Had to use ordinary polish instead of my usual gel polish because my manicurist said my nails had thinned significantly :(

She advised me to lay off the gel till Chinese New Year. Sounded bad!

Gel is a kind of fast drying (cured by UV light in seconds instead of air drying) nail lacquer that doesn’t chip, I think it’s the best invention ever for active women but does have its drawbacks – one of it is thinning nails as the polish clings to them really hard.

# – This is OPI “All Sparky & Gold” with “Magazine Cover Minnie” to break the monotony.

Gareth doesn’t like the red polish, he thinks it looks like they ran out of gold. Men :P

I dressed up over the weekend for a wedding. A dress that’s demure on the front but a little cheeky at the back.

Mom got the dress for herself from Asos but she chickened out of wearing it so she altered it to fit me. I love having introduced Asos to my mom….. hehehehe.

# –  Demure.

# –  Peekaboo.

Dress from Asos. Stillettos from Bangkok. Clutch bag from Burberry, a birthday gift from hubs.

I hardly wear makeup because am too friggin lazy. Here’s one of me with fake lashes and the lot.

# – Birded up.

I use Lancome Teint Idole liquid foundation, set with compact from MAC. Blush is Lancome Blush Subtil. Tinted lip balm from IN2IT in orange for the lips. Eyeshadows from Urban Decay Naked 2 with eyeliner from Red Earth and brows with Empro brow pencil. Lashes from aliexpress – got like 100 pairs for less than RM80 lol.

My face shape changes everytime I take a picture since I started wearing braces. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I think it’s awful! And right now, it is in an awful phase.

Went back to Mentakab to celebrate my popo’s birthday in advance. As usual, she nagged me about babies. Something different this time though, after nagging me for like half hour….she suddenly got quiet and then sheepishly told me to just ignore what she said. Told me to let nature takes its course.

My heart was just exploding with love for my granny cause she probably realised she was exerting too much pressure on me so she tried to rein it back.

# – Popo and Martin – my cousin’s kid. Too cute!!!!

# – Popo feeding hubs with cake. Love this picture! And that’s my mom, not me.

As I get older, I don’t mind being nagged so much by my elderly relatives. I am realising that it comes from a place of love and I consider it a gift to be fussed over :)

Saturday of friends

Yay weekend is here!

# – Dressed for a hot day.


Dress with T motifs from Bangkok. Sunglasses from Religion. Bag from Longchamp. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen.


Had a nice girls only brunch with Ee Laine in Bangsar.

# – Banana leaf rice yums.


Hung out for a bit then came home to make more Hokkaido chiffon cakes to bring to Ee Laine’s mooncake festival house party.

Doubled up the recipe and tweaked the sugar content. Hubs said the previous batch wasn’t sweet enough.  This batch did taste better than yesterday’s attempt I must say.

# – More hokkaido chiffon cakes!


Great food (paella and yakitori from Grill Sargent, noodles from Ee Laine’s mom and potato salad from Ee Laine) and great company. Happy to see the gang. It’s been a while!

Forgot my phone so no pictures :(

Nice Saturday

Breaking out new stuff from Bangkok…

# – Leg out.

# – Leg crossed.

# – Legs straight.

Peasant top and shorts from Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok. Flats from a market in Hanoi. Bag from Louis Vuitton.


Had a nice day out with hubs doing a spot of shopping and catching up with my old friends.

We first had brunch at this restaurant in TTDI called Pickles & Fig.

They serve gourmet sandwiches mainly and really good smoothies.

# – My very delicious prawn salad ciabatta and goji berry smoothie.

The hubs had a salted beef pastrami with rotkraut which was stupendous. I loveeeee salted beef!

I ordered a prawn salad sandwich which was really good too….springy prawns, fresh crisp alfafa sprouts and confit tomatoes. I had a goji smoothie too…delicious but healthy.

Then we went to the Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) at PWTC. Hunted for cheap and cheerful dive holidays and bought a few hundred ringgit worth of dive accessories (read: unnecessary but nice to have knick-knacks).

# – All we need is an extra dive comp to become an honorary Singaporean.

After that, headed to Pavillion for dinner with my buddies from primary school.

# – With Eric, Jayna and Ying.

I even got an early birthday present from Jayna :D

# – My first birthday present of this year!

Had a great time chatting about everything under the sun, or in this case under the ceiling of restaurant called Athena.

After dinner, we went to the loklok truck in TTDI for supper haha. Weekend so much indulge mah!

Came home and started watching a brand new series – Person of Interest since we finally finished Game of Thrones last night. As for GoT, holy mother of mother crap, what was THAT????????

Anyway PoI seems okay, a little formulaic but Jim Caviezel is nice to look at. It’s only 2 episodes though so I am hoping the show would find its footing soon.

Going to click publish and then watch a 3rd episode. Nights!