Everybody needs a Microplane grater

Cooked dinner last night, Moroccan lambs chops and spinach couscous.

Dinner wasn’t planned, otherwise it would have been Moroccan lamb chops with yogurt, hummus and sultana couscous.

Anyway, just want to say that anyone who cooks needs at least one Microplane grater. I’ve got three! Got them from ebay but you can find them pretty marked-up at specialty cookware shops.

# – Snowing nutmeg on me lamb chops.

It was so effortless to grate the nutmeg. Even to this day, whenever I zest lemons, I’m just filled with pure joy everytime because I don’t have to struggle!

Microplane started out as a wood file, before thankfully moving into people’s kitchens all over the world. So yeah, you don’t want to put your finger to it.

Next Microplane on my list….a mandolin.

New kitchen toy

Finally my new toy has arrived! I bought it on a group deal site.

# – The Banana Yogurt.

This nifty gadgetry is supposed to turn frozen fruits into soft serve ice-cream.

The purchase was totally justified, I just had my dental braces put on and I thought I’d need a healthier alternative than store bought ice-cream.


Now? Now I can chomp through solid food like a combine harvester /sheepish

Anyway, you’d think they would be more creative with the naming of the product. It’s actually an OEM version of Yonana, but Banana Yogurt? Really?

# – Yo? How does inserting fruits into a chute becomes “yo”?

Am really excited to use it. I’m going to freeze some fruits as soon as I get home.

Will review the product in detail!

Xmas is coming Ho Ho Ho

I’ll have another ad published on Monday so I decided to post these pictures of myself putting up our Xmas tree eventhough I look like crap!

# – This is me in my comfy uniform – hub’s old polo tee and football shorts.

# – Yeap, I set the camera on timer to take pictures of myself setting up the Xmas tree. So happening!

# – My tree is lopsided.

What kind of Xmas person are you? Do you buy new decorations and tree every year or are you like me – reuse everything every year?

The only new stuff I bought this year were some candy canes, cause I want to eat em.

# – Glammed up.

Most of the baubles date back to Gareth’s childhood. It quite amazing how my mum-in-law has managed to keep them in such good condition.

# – This snowman is probably older than me.

# – I don’t think this polar bear is very old, maybe 10 years old?

# – Pretty sure this one is fairly new.

# – Hats for hubs, me and Charlie!

# – Got these mini trees last year.

# – Hung some baubles on our money trees too. These baubles are old!

Only 10 days more to Xmas!! So excited!