My obsession with spices arrangement.

Remember my post about my spice rack? Well, I’ve gotten around to expand the collection.

Behold, my spice racks…

# – My spice racks give me butterflies.

I had a panic attack in Ikea when I realised they ran out of my spice jars in black but as it turned out, it’s okay because I could fit more of my miscellaneous spices which are in their own bottles.

# – Awww…lets have a look again! And yes, alphabetical order, beetches!

I spent a few good hours labelling and filling up spice jars till wee hours of morning. Guess what, the BF, whom by the way is currently obsessed with knives AND was sharpening knives till 7am in the morning (which was effing creepy) told me that I’m crazy. WHAT?

I said he’s a pot calling the kettle black.


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Economy of scale.

For the longest time, my kitchen scale was this cute but tiny plastic thing bought from Daiso. It was cheap (RM5!!!) and I held no aspirations for it. My only hope was that it could at least give me a close enough measurement.

# – This packet is 520 grams, right?

Then I made profiteroles for the first time, and failed. I made it for the second time, and failed too. My biscuits were always a little too hard. My cakes could be a little less dense. I finally realised that maybe, “close enough” was simply not good enough.

Lets not even talk about how many times I made a mess while weighing ingredients like flour and sugar because the plastic container simply bounced off the scale when during pouring of the ingredients, they hit the bottom of the container a little too hard.

Anyway, those days are behind me now. Perhaps sick of being forced to eat rock hard biscuits or possibly tired of me whining constantly about my “stupid cheapass plastic scale”, but even more possibly out of sheer love for his girlfriend, the dear boyfriend has bought me the creme de la creme of weighing scales, a Tanita.

Today, after work, he brought it home and handed it to me with a big grin on his face. I’m glad I didn’t screw up his dinner.

# – Nope, it’s exactly 500 grams as printed on the packet!

My Tanita, it is a thing of beauty…

Of course, I had to weigh my head because it is the sort of thing you do when there’s a precision weighing scale in your possession, no?

# – 3.835 kg.

I’m a little worried now because the average head is supposed to weigh between 4.5 and 5 kg, and that is without hair.

I’ve got a spicy rack.

Anyone who has any semblance of interest in cooking would probably agree that a well-stocked spice rack is a sight so beguiling, it’s probably more emotionally fulfilling than the actual cooking.

Yes, I have finally acquired a spice rack and 12 spice bottles from Ikea. It took me this long because the price put me off for a while. Anyway, as soon as I got home, I got to making individual hand written labels for each bottle. Hurm, because I can.

# – Pen, paper and all my spices.

This is a temporary measure as I haven’t gotten around to setting up my printer though I’ll probably end up buying a label maker because, really, what’s more satisfying than labeling every single item in your house?

# – Carefully pour content into its bottle.

I thought I’d have difficulties filling up 12 bottles but I obviously underestimated the size of my collection because right now, I think I need another rack….or two -_-

# – Bottles labelled and filled up!

I can’t believe I haven’t bought any 5-spice, the main ingredient for making awesome chinese roast pork! So despite having a few other spices that I could have chosen to put in the last bottle, I reserved it for the magic powder.

The sight of the empty bottle annoys the heck out of me though.

# – Besides the 12 spice jars, the rack could also fit an additional of 2 conventional spice bottles off the shelf on each level.

BF’s mom told me that spices should be stored away from the light but right now, I prefer to have them in sight because it makes me happy to see them everytime I enter my kitchen. /nerd mode on

The Grundtal spice rack was RM65 and the Ikea 365+ spice bottles came in set of 4 for RM16.90 each. By the way, I love these spice jars far more than the ones they always promote with the Grundtal spice rack because you don’t have to unscrew the cap all the time and stick a spoon in. Just flip and pour :)

Happy spicing up your kitchen!