Sticky and ugly.

If there’s anything you truly need in your household, let it be an adhesive remover spray.

One bottle lasts you forever. We’ve got ours for nearly 5 years, the bottle has gone all rusty but it works every single time.

# – This is the shiznit.

Use it to remove the idiotically designed Malaysian road tax from your windscreen. Use it to remove stubborn labels from your bathroom’s sanitary-wares and cookwares. Most of all, use it to remove cheapass warning labels from your Ikea loots.

And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing lately – spending hours peeling off cheapskate Ikea sticky labels from my not so cheapskate furniture & knick-knacks. If it hadn’t been for my trusty adhesive remover spray I would probably be spending more time than I already had.

It is quite frustrating to have spent so much money on something and then end up at home peeling off stickers like a pathetic loser :P

I believe some of you may have chosen to live with the damn stickers constantly calling out for your attention every single time you enter a room as I had previously considered doing, but really we all deserve so much better!

So here’s a tutorial for you guys who are in similar predicament and would like to escape your destiny..

First of all, peel off the main part of the sticker. With your fingers. Yes, it is a frustrating and time consuming task.

My bf had experienced some sort of divine intervention where he soaked the entire label with adhesive remover and it literally slid off but I on the other hand have not had such luck. You can try though…

# – Peel off the main sticker. This is the hardest part of the task. Gather courage and patience before embarking on such activity.

# – They peel off like this, in little tiny pieces. Absolutely designed to annoy the hell out of you.

# – Even after you’ve peeled the main label off, sticky glue residue can still be clearly seen.

# – Spray adhesive remover onto the sticky residue till they’re soaking in the solution. Becareful when you’re spraying you don’t want the solution to end up everywhere. It’s got quite a distinctive “inhale-can-die” smell. I used thick paper towels to absorb the stray sprays.

After a minute or two, rub off the residue with a paper towel. In some parts you may have to rub harder or even use your nails to scrap it off, but it won’t take that much of an effort.

# – Shiny again!

We got our adhesive remover from either Ace Hardware or Eneos. I don’t remember, I often confuse both.

Honey, I’m home.

We kinda live in the new house already. I use the word “kinda” because we still have loads of stuff left in the old apartment, yet to be moved.

Three big boxes of books for instance, his computers, DVDs, shit loads of magazines we’re not sure whether to keep or discard and clothes. It’s taking us this long partly because we have no furniture to store them :P

The renovation has rendered us pretty much penniless but we are slowly accumulating the items. Next on the shopping list: dining table, console cabinet, study tables and wardrobes. After all these items are acquired only then we’ll toy with the idea of inviting people over hehe.

Been cooking up a storm too. I’m glad my kitchen has turned out exactly the way I want it to. One that is meant to be used, hardy and “user-friendly”.

I’m in a good place now. It’s a cliche but I think I’m finally home. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

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Random Snippets

Am blogging from my crackberry again. I can’t remember the last time I blogged from a proper computer. Been really busy since last week.

You probably are aware that we’re in the midst of moving houses. As we live only 5 minutes from our new place, we’re taking unusually long time to move out. In the day, we cleaned the new house, coordinate some deliveries of furniture etc and hang out enjoying the swiftness of Unifi (w00t) but when night comes we bid sad goodbyes to our humble abode before heading back to our rented apartment and coconut husk mattress on the floor.

This will change very soon though as our bed (and the guest room’s) is being transported to us at this very moment. Which means we can finally sleep in a real bed, one that I could actually hang my legs over without touching the floors. I am simply overwhelmed /sniffs

# – Oooh the beds are here!! Wheeeeee

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