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Pancakes are uplifting.

I think…

I think I’m going to go make myself some fluffy pancakes.

This final year thesis is depressing me.

I can’t wait to graduate.

Pancakes are uplifting. My butt, literally.

++ Edit ++

Yeah, I freakin did it.

I freakin fried pancakes at the struck of midnight.

For all I know, I’m a wife material because I bloody cook your supper. Provided that I get to eat too.

Anyway, I’ve learnt a lesson. Don’t buy cheap electrical appliances. Cause the plastic flicker will snap on you when you want to whip eggwhites for fluffy pancakes.

Rotten Chinese plastic. Don’t ask about the stains, I can’t remember the last time I used that thing.

So I stole SariPartyGirl’s pancake recipe. This girl can cook with looks to boot. And her Bollywood boyfriend is damn hot, ok. Speaking of Bollywood, I have to convince my Mom to subscribe to next month’s Astro BoxOffice. Why? Because there is Aamir Khan! He IS SO SO SO SO HOT! I first knew him from Dil Chata Hai and since he’s been my object of fantasy for a number of times. Today, I saw the promo for The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey. Oh. My. Gawd *pants*

Ok…back to pancakes :P

1. Whip the egg whites and salt till so fluffy it flows no more. Even with the bowl overturned.
2. Mix the yolks, cake mixture (I didn’t use flour cause I didn’t have any) and milk/water together.
3. Fold in the egg whites into the batter.
4. Mix well.

1. Put a dollop of batter onto a well-oiled wok (Sorry, typical chinese household with no non-stick pan).
2. It was fine, then I burnt the second pancake.

3. Next, I poured in so much oil I was practically deep-frying the thing.
4. Voila. Butter and honey topping.

1. Pancakes of different sizes = N00b cook.
2. Consume with care.
3. Chomp. chomp. chomp.
4. Verdict: I am the queen of pancakes.

Then I got guilty for breaking my diet and transfered the sin to my 13 year old brother. He’s growing anyway.

++ /Edit ++

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Chawan mushi.

I’m going to have my period soon, and my crazy cravings have already kicked in. Today in particular, I wanted so much to eat chawan mushi. But I was too lazy to change my pjs so I decided to make my own. It’s my first time, so I ventured without expectations.

There was nothing in the fridge – no chicken, no crabsticks, no mushroom. I decided to improvise.

Errr, forgot to take pictures of the eggs. I used two eggs.

Firstly, I soaked the scallops and oysters for about 1/2 hour. Then I use the soaking water to make one cup of chicken stock with 1/2 a cube of stock. Next, crack two eggs into a bowl and beat it lightly (no bubbles). While beating the eggs, slowly add in the chicken stock, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of rice wine (or sake) and mix all together.

1. Egg mixture.
2. Scallops, oysters and moss at the bottom of the cups.

3. Egg mixture in the cups.
4. Cover with aluminium foil and steam.

Arrange the the scallops, oysters and moss at the bottom of two cups. Then pour in the egg mixture. Cover cups with aluminium foil. Steam for 13 minutes.

1. 13 minutes later….looking good!
2. First scoop, little bit of moss visible. Mixture appears to have solidify nicely. Taste better than Sushi King!
3. More moss. Where are the good bits???
4. B00ya! The oyster.
5. Satisfied diner.

Verdict: I am the queen of the chawan mushi.

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Friday. Yay.

I woke up this morning in time for Jamie Oliver’s cooking show and I got bitten by the baking bug. He was giving out this really simple chewy chocolate cake recipe and coincidentally, I have most of the ingredients needed. So, I baked a cake.


Cake got the better of me even before I managed to snap a photo of it.

There are two because I didn’t want the cake to be too thick. Anyway, I think it’s pretty good, cause I already ate half of cake number one. I just had a piece from the fridge, oh my gawd the texture tasted like brownie, solid but chewy. Yum…

In case you like to know the recipe :

  • 200g of sugar and 200g of butter beaten till creamy.
  • Add 200gm of self-raising flour and beat again (I used ordinary flour and 2 teaspoon of baking powder).
  • Fold in 3 eggs.
  • Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder with water and add into the batter. (I used melted cooking chocolate instead).
  • Fold in almond flakes (which I didn’t) and chocolate chunks (which I did).
  • Pour into pan and bake for 20 mins at 180 degree celcius.

Thought I was going to bring the other one for the gang. Turned out Jaime’s celebrating her birthday in Bangsar tonight so I’m bringing the cake there instead.

I’ve opened a Multiply account. Go check it out :D

Who’s going to Zoukfest tomorrow? I am. Lets party!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nicked too much chocolate batter and ate too much chocolate cakes. ARGH. Gonna go workout now. Peace.

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