I’m so unbelievably happy.

Woohoo..I’m a trooper! Yeap, I stayed in lab for 1/2 a day and finished the whole damn paper. Just days ago, I had no idea what the fuck was SQL. I felt like I was possessed by some geeky ghost, cause it felt bloody easy to do. Thank you oh geeky soul *hugs* Hahahaha. So maybe lab’s haunted but I love it.

While I was stuck in the lab, tried to connect to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and MIRC. None of it worked! Stupid, stupid college. You could surf porns, but you can’t chat? Stupid. Couldn’t wait to get home. But home now and I’m feeling awesome and blissful.

I think I’ve gained some kilos. I’ll go shop for a portable stepper this weekend and maybe an exercise mat. Kim’s ain’t turning into a sluggish tong!!!!!!

You know natural high? That’s what I’m feeling. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Thought I’d share.

On the way to dinner…

Mom: Eh, you know we should go to PM’s house for open house leh. You think still got leftovers for dinner?

Dad: Nevermind. *Agong called me this morning, he invited me for dinner.

Mom: Ah Kong? Which friend…I don’t know one?

Me and bros : Buahahahahahahahaha.

Selamat Hari Raya kalian. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Mwahs.

*Agong = What Malaysians call the king.