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Jangan Togel

An old friend who used to study in Ohio told me about his naked football game on his graduation day. Everyone stripped down to nothing and just started to play football, or better known as soccer in US of A. Men AND women alike. Suffice to say, there were more balls than one that day. Eversince I’ve listened to his story, I’ve not stopped wondering whether such ritual would ever take off in Malaysia.

Jangan togel? A phrase totally foreign to me till I saw it on my Nuffnang ad.

Probably the closest thing to naked football that we can ever get here. Well, basically the phrase “jangan togel” is in reference to a local football subculture where the first team to concede a goal would have to play the rest of the game topless. Seriously, how could something so delicious escape my knowledge?

I’m glad that Nike has picked up this local football ritual. Otherwise I would still be residing in the dark. The site is downright impressive! There are videos for you to watch should you want to understand more about “Jangan Togel“, music and wallpaper downloads. The comic like graphics are really cool, I hope it’s done by a local artist.

I’m going to pay a little more attention from now on, check out the local football field a little more often. Watch some aspiring Beckhams flaunt their footwork and glorious abs. Who cares if they’re the n00bs in the first place?

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Review: Death Note – The Last Name

This is a review from a person who has never watched the anime or manga. Please bear in mind that I didn’t even know the basic premise of the story.

Death Note 2 is by far the best movie I’ve watched since the beginning of 2007, hands down. Of course, to compare Death Note 2 with shits like Cicakman and Forbidden Siren is an absolute insult to the movie. The storyline is so good it’s comparable to bigass Hollywood flicks such as Confidence and Reservoir Dogs. No, Death Note 2 is not another gun-slinging gangster movie, in fact, it’s nothing like that. It’s a film about a notebook that was dropped down onto earth by God of Death, which can be used to kill off people.

Sounds childish, typical and boring? Not…

The twists in the storyline will blow your mind away. You will be kept at the edge of your seat throughout the movie. It is nothing close to bubblegum teen flicks, in fact it is a rather dark story. KY even likened it to The Prestige. The cinematography is pretty good. The CGIs are good too.

It’s funny that a lot of people have been telling me to not watch this movie unless I’ve watched the anime/manga version or the first movie. Apparently the movie is very confusing to people who have no basic knowledge of the storyline. I say, CRAP to all those claims. The movie is actually so complete that a newbie could sit down and understand every single scene without having prior knowledge of the story. Bravo to the screenwriter and director for having the non-anime/manga watching audience in mind.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you by writing a long winded review. Just go to the cinema and watch it.

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p/s: Thanks Reta for teh tix. Heh, sorry babe I didn’t know they’re from you. Mwahs

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