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Starting a family with just one website.

I’m going 24 soon and my boo is EVEN OLDER. So you can’t blame me for thinking about starting a family, right? Ok, I admit it…I’m dying to be married off and be a lady of leisure. Sigh…I’m dying to do things like dolling up my kids and teach them to flip their middle fingers at annoying sales people (oops my secret is out).

And it’s so easy to start a family these days. You could practically do it with just one single website – Mudah.

See, if you want to get married, of course you need to propose to your better half right? That means you need to get a blinging ring and flowers also. This bouquet of flowers also comes with chocolates, more to seal the deal and enslave captivate the woman of your life.

Blinging ring.
Bling bling.


So if you managed to snag that love of your life, well….congratulations! If you still haven’t…well, could it be because you still haven’t got a house? To convince a girl that she could happily start a family with you, you could prove it to her by providing a stable abode. Maybe get yourself a nice cosy condominium before you pop the big question, ye know?

Cosy condo.
Cosy condo for the family.

Am sure by now you’d have succeeded with your marriage proposal. If not? Sorry lah, at least you got a ring, a condo and tonnes of chocolates to eat. Now it’s time to make your life with wifey more convenient…get a family car!

Family car.
For you, wifey and more new additions!

Now you’ve got a big car…it’s time to breed! Set free the swimmers…ho ho ho. When you got many, many babies, you need to be prepared also right? Safety is important so get a baby car seat for your family car.

Baby car seat.
Baby car seat. So pretty. Bright like an apple

Then what do you do when the babies won’t sleep? Who needs a foreign maid, just buy a baby bouncer thing! Instant snooze time, hello?

Boing boing boing.
Boing, boing, boing. ZZZZZ.

You could also find diapers for your spawns okay. Imported from Korea one and good for overnight use.

Important baby diapers. That’s not my baby, btw.

And lastly, for a secure, enviable life, get a vacation home. Preferably up the hills among the clouds. Like this yummy looking apartment here in Bukit Tinggi!

Vacation home.
Sleep amongst the clouds.

Ladies and gentleman, your life is perfect now.

Wait…not so fast.

Lets rewind back the tape a bit. How on earth you going to do all this proposing thing, buying house thing without having a date first? You would need a woman for proposing to begin with right!? Well, unfortunately you can’t get a date from just one website :(

I know this because I’ve tried….

Pay with the currency of love.
My ad rejected :(

Though rest assured, you’ll get every other things from Mudah lor… Hehehe.

p/s: Boo if you’re reading this, I absolutely think you should check out Mudah!!!

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I heart Nike Plus

Recently, I received a product called Nike+ from the good folks in Nike Malaysia. It’s supposedly beneficial to my workout routine and I was more than happy to review it.

A little background first…

Nike+ is a collaboration between Nike and Apple. What can I say, it’s a match made in heaven – Nike with the best trainers around and Apple, with the most desirable compact/portable music player in the market. Nike+ is essentially a smart device that syncs your iPod with the movement of your feet or foot strike (ie: Nike trainers), tracking your performance and giving you the extra boost during your workout.
I was given the Nike+ Sport Kit (consist of two devices, namely the sensor and the receiver), a pair of booootiful Nike+ trainers and an iPod Nano.

Nike Plus

Before I incorporate Nike+ into my workout, I customised the iPod using iTunes programme on my laptop. All I needed to do was plug the iPod into my laptop with a USB cable. iTunes programme auto-detected the iPod and I transfered the music I wanted into the iPod. I was also prompted to join, which I did.

After I was satisfied with my song selection, it’s time for the real deal. I inserted the sensor into the trainers. It was cool, removing the sole and finding a little hole made just for the device. I felt very high tech, ok.

Nike+ and Nike trainers.
Inserting the sensor into the Nike+ trainers.


The receiver, on the other hand, was plugged into the iPod.

Nike Plus
Now your iPod is Nike+ friendly.

At this point, I could further customise my workout plan on the iPod. First I set my current weight…

Setting weight on Nike Plus.
All I need to lose is 5 kilos and I’ll be a happy camper.

Then I selected my prefered workout target: Time, Distance or Calories.

Time on Nike Plus.
In my case, it’s Time and my target was 30 minutes.

And that was it. Easy peasy.

By the way, there’s also a PowerSong function where I could set my “power song” for that extra boost in the midst of my workout. It will be played when I press the middle button of the iPod. Great for when I felt like on the verge of giving up!

So I got to my gym, all excited in trying out Nike+.

Kimberlycun does Nike Plus.
Look at my boooooooootiful Nike+ trainers.

I started my workout and activated Nike+ by making a few steps in my boooooootiful Nike+ trainers and almost immediately both devices began to sync. The iPod detected my footstrikes and began to play my first workout song.

Activated Nike Plus.
This is what you see when Nike+ is activated for workout.

Sweaty Kimberlycun.
In all my sweaty glory.

As I ran on the treadmill, a sexy, manly voice reminded me of how much time I’ve ran. I’m freaking loving it, nuf’ said.

I successfully completed my routine and was excited to check out my performance.

Not too bad for a lazy arse ike me.
Not too bad for a lazy arse like me.

Back at home, I plugged in the iPod to my laptop. Logged on to and had my workout data downloaded to the site. I was able to compare my current performance with my last, join challenges and many more. It’s a bustling community for health and fitness conscious people.

Nike Plus website tracking Kimberlycun's workout.
My dashboard on, tracking my workout performance.

Nike is currently running a promotion at its Mid Valley and KLCC stores. For every pair of Nike+ enabled shoes, you’ll get a Nike+ Sport Kit, FOR FREE! Remember to download the voucher from to qualify for the offer. The promotion runs till end October (or till stocks last) so quickly get your lazy arse ASAP to Mid Valley or KLCC. By the way, it doesn’t include iPod ok?


With Nike Plus, I’m able to track my performance and have the data saved for future reference.

Before I used Nike Plus, I felt that the tracking feature of the treadmill itself is good enough but I realised after about 5 jogs, there’s no way I could remember how I perform the previous time. Hence, I would have trouble setting an accurate workout target for myself. How much faster should I jog this time? How much further? All the answers to these questions eluded me as I had not remembered the facts and figures of my previous performance. Factor in the performance targets for other machines….the stepper, the bicycle, the cross trainer, how to remember so many things?

Besides, with Nike Plus you can absolutely venture outdoors for running/brisk walking and have your performance accurately tracked.

And then there are the motivational voices that comes with Nike Plus. It’s like having a personal trainer in your ears…asking you to keep up and telling you how much more you’ve got to do. Of course, it’s not like having a real personal trainer but it’s certainly the next best thing. Great for me because I’m a health conscious person but always lack the motivation and discipline to achieve my fitness goals. PowerSong is a wonderful feature, injecting that extra boost when you feel like the legs are going to buckle.


I’m under the impression it’s only for running. Would be great if it can be used for rope skipping, climbing and other forms of workouts.


I love it!!!

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Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project

Major floods in Britain and South Asia, and just the other morning I heard on the radio that the number of tropical typhoons has doubled in the past year. Animals are dwindling by the hundreds while wilderness itself is fast becoming a legend. Mother Nature is taking the brunt thanks to pollutions, wastage, deforestation and simply pure ignorance.

In the midst of all these chaos, I’m truly comforted that an organisation such as Honda Malaysia is doing its part in conserving our ecosystem. Besides the main objective of saving the endangered Sumatran rhinos (there are only less than 300 left in the world!), the Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project aims to raise awareness and educate future generation and the public on environmental & conservation issues.

A rare footage of a Sumatran Rhino. Picture Credit: WWF-Malaysia

For the past 1.5 years, Honda Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia have initiated and drove various events and activities in order to strengthen the Sumatran Rhino conservation efforts. Among the notable activities are touching base with primary schools in Klang Valley to educate the younger generation and capturing the first ever footage of Sumatran Rhino in the wild.

Touching base with primary school children. Picture Credit: Honda Malaysia

Honda Malaysia has no intention of stopping or even slowing down, in spite of the known challenges in conserving the unique species. Instead, they are determined to make real the impossible dreams of removing Sumatran Rhinos from the endangered list. This sense of determination, which they call “Challenging Spirit”, ought to be emulated by all of us stakeholders of our earth.

I’m honoured to be part of this promotion of Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project and sincerely hope that this unassuming blog post would stir a little curiosity in the conservation of Sumatran Rhinos, a Malaysian heritage.

For reference:

Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project (
World Wildlife Fund (

SOS Rhino (
International Rhino Foundation (

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