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Embracing the backpack life

I’m always more of a totebag kinda girl but when you have to wrangle a beastly 3 year old it’s really useful to have my two arms available. So I started looking at backpacks but yikes, mostly they’re either too pretty/dainty for practical usage or hmm, butt ugly.

My search for the right backpack came to an end when I discovered MIZZUE. They have really nice stuff! The bags especially look like they have been meticulously designed for women.

I wanted everything on the website but eventually settled for this blue vegan leather one with weaving motif. It’s my perfect shade of blue.

Hello, lovely. It has so many compartments.

Secret back compartment. The bottom of the bag also have metal studs which protect it from scratches.

I can fit all these comfortably in the bag. Two diapers, a full-sized baby wipes, my long purse, make-up pouch, recyclable bags (cause #auntylife), moisturiser and sunglasses. Also tissues, Liam’s toys and food scissors, not pictured.

Adjustable straps.

It’s just the right size for me.


No more tote bag falling off my shoulder!

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