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No fuss pineapple jam recipe

So some of my readers probably know that my family and I have embarked on a permanent lifestyle change.

Other than the social media detox and etc that I mentioned earlier, we have also  removed grains, refined sugar and dairy from our diet. If you want to learn more about our diet (it’s called WildFit) check out my husband’s posts.

That means no rice, no wheat, no milk, no cheese, no candy bars, no a lot of many things.

It isn’t easy and we still find ourselves succumbing to these evil, delicious inflammatory food such as cheeses, cookies, crisps, ramen (happened today in fact urgh), briyani and laksa every now and then but we take solace in that our main everyday meals are 99% of the time – sugar, grain and dairy free. We also drink 2 x 400ml glasses of vegetable green smoothies (minimum 5 types of veges + chia seeds + virgin coconut oil) daily to stock up on micronutrients.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and of course, I had gotten a bit sad that I can’t bake and indulge on my signature chocolate chip cookies and pineapple tarts. Out of desperation, I decided to google for AIP friendly pineapple tart recipes.

AIP you ask? What’s that?

AIP stands for “auto-immune protocol” and it’s a special diet for people with autoimmune issues to get their immune system and gut back to health. Although we don’t have issues with our immune systems, I personally believe the AIP diet is possibly one of the healthiest diets out there. Needless to say, it also fits my no refined-sugar, no grain & no dairy rule.

I stumbled across this recipe and was really intrigued by its pineapple jam recipe. It uses oven with minimal stirring…..well, that sounds amazing!

Ain’t nobody got time standing over the stove stirring jam.

So I tried the recipe out. I used only two ingredients although the original recipe called for date paste (for extra sweetness) and a couple more spices but I don’t think it needs them. Anyway, it’s your call.


2 ripe large pineapples

1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder

This recipe yields about 350gms of jam.

# – Firstly,  peel and core the pineapples. Google how to peel/cut pineapple if you are not sure how.

# – Then, cut the pineapples into cubes and throw them into your food processor/blender. Add the ground cinnamon too. Blitz till puree consistency.

# – Now pour into a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. I lined my tray 3 times to prevent leakage. Then, put the tray in preheated oven of 80 degrees celcius. Stir once every hour for 4 hours with a rubber/silicon spatula. I advise against using a metal spoon cause it might puncture the aluminium foil.

# – Then, lower the temperature to 70 degrees celcius and leave it in the oven for and extra 8-12 hours. I did it at dinner time then went to bed and woke up next day to the aroma of pineapple jam. See how much liquid has evaporated after a total 12 hours.

# – Scoop the jam into a bowl and let chill in the fridge. It will be even firmer and roll-able after chilling. Taste so yummy!!

There’s really no need to add more refined sugar to pineapple jam. The pineapples themselves are naturally sweet enough and even more so when concentrated.

Hope this recipe will help you who are looking for a fuss free yet healthy pineapple jam recipe.

Next post will be the recipe of the actual paleo and AIP friendly pineapple tarts (I hope). Stay tuned.

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My CNY dress is done + nekkid Liam

Finished sewing my Chinese New Year dress!

Decided not to hem the skirt for a more sporty, less matronly feel…you feel me? Haha.

Anyway, it has two pockets for all the angpows.

Starting on a top now. Working with knit fabric for the first time…so far so good.


This is the first floral wreath I painted back in November. Looks like a chicken with an open leg wound had walked all around it.

My second floral wreath, painted yesterday. It looks rather clumsy and contrived. Still a long way to go before I will be happy and I will get there! Have signed up for a brush lettering workshop next month, can’t wait!


Went to a two year old birthday party today. Liam was so drawn to the swimming pool so I took off his shoes and he dipped his feet straight away in the water.

Needless to say he got soaking wet so I took off his clothes and finally his diaper too.

So here he is all nekkid with the birthday girl. Sorry momma Ally for Liam’s unbecoming behaviour 😂

Happy birthday Princess A, may you always be happy and healthy! Thanks for having us at the beautiful party momma Ally + J!

Bonus picture of Liam devouring the delicious prawns and salsa basket.


Donald Trump is POTUS. How surreal!


So I had a sneezing fit after giving Liam a shower. After each sneeze, Liam repeatedly said, “Besss youuu”.

OMG my son has learnt to say “Bless you”. Sniffs.

Speaking of which, he also said “Tank giu” to the Nando’s waiter for picking up his Hot Wheel from the floor on Thursday without prompting from us. Felt so proud of him :)

He still requires constant prompting for his please and thank yous, but it’s okay Liam we will get there darling!

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Good food day with bonus Exploded diaper

Baked gluten-free/sugar-free/dairy-free banana muffins for my babies today. Used buckwheat flour for the first time…cool wheatflour substitute. We all enjoyed the muffins with some inflammatory butter + avocado spread hehe. 


Dinner was steak and roasted cauliflower with dairy-free mushroom & onion gravy (made with santan). So yummeh! There was not a drop of leftover, not even the gravy! 

Check out the husband’s clean plate and that enthusiasm on Liam’s face. The cook is pleased :) 


Made fresh chocolate ice-cream with my RM50 ice-cream maker from Tesco. Best buy ever! Only 4 ingredients; coconut milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup and a dash of whisky. 

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re looking at is gelatinous pee from an exploded diaper. Thank you gravity for this precious lesson! Never throw a full diaper down from the first floor. 

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