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Go all natural with St. Ives!

My family and I have recently gone on a (hopefully permanent) lifestyle change. We’ve eliminated sugar and starch from our diet and we’re eating mostly vegetables and only non-processed food. I am slowly applying this new change to my beauty regimen too as I would like to eventually eliminate all non-natural products from my life.

Going natural though, I have to admit can be quite expensive. Have you checked out the prices of organic essential oils, cocoa butter and beeswax? They’re exorbitant! Making your own natural beauty products is also very time-consuming. With a 2 year old who constantly needs my attention, I honestly do not have the luxury of lovingly crafting my own homemade facial wash. Do you?

My search for natural and affordable facial products has lead me back to St. Ives. When I was younger I used to love the apricot scrub. I stopped using it as I was experimenting with other beauty products but now, I remember again how wonderful it was to my skin.

St Ives facial scrubs now come in 3 different products; the original apricot scrub (Fresh Skin), apricot scrub with salicylic acne medication (Blemish Control) and green tea scrub (Blackhead Clearing).

As you probably already know, St Ives contain 100% natural exfoliants – the crushed apricot seeds for instance and ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, soybean oil and many more. All their products are also free of paraben, which is a chemically produced preservative.

100% natural exfoliants, sulfate-free and paraben free.

I love how St Ives is not consumed with finding or creating new ingredients for their products but instead focus on including natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective for thousands of years. Apricots, for example have long been used in Asia for their soothing and energising properties. Key ingredients such as soy, green tea and lotus blossom too are wonderful for our skin.

My favourite Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.

You only need a tiny dollop for whole face.

Scrubby, scrub, scrub. The smell of apricot is so delicious!

St Ives also takes it a step further by using eco-friendly packaging, reducing waste and reducing environmental impact. They use Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), a kind of reclaimed manufactured plastics into their packaging whenever possible. St Ives strives to reduce their carbon footprint with 3 goals in mind; improving health & well-being, reducing environmental impact and enhancing livelihoods. Personally, I find this a highly admirable thing for a brand to do. I most certainly do not want to sacrifice the future of my offspring at the expense of my beauty regimen. Obviously, they also don’t condone animal testing.

The really awesome Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub.

Getting rid of those pesky blackheads with the St Ives Green Tea Scrub. So refreshing!

Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, perfect for that time of the month when pimples pop up like mushrooms after rain.

There’s an Instagram contest by St Ives now called “GoNaturalWithStIves” with these amazing prizes:

• 1st Prize: A pair of tickets for 3D2N to Bali Holiday (Flight & Accommodation provided)
• 2nd Prize: A pair of tickets for 2D1N Staycation in a Malaysia resort (Accommodation provided)
• 3 x Consolation Prizes: Spa Voucher

Here’s how you can win them:

1. Post a photo of your DIY natural beauty remedy or to share a photo of what Natural means to you (it could be natural make up, natural ingredients, natural environment, etc) in your Instagram (make sure your profile is set to ‘Public’)
2. Share why your natural beauty remedy makes you happy or what does your chosen Natural element means to you in your caption. (Eg. Cost effective, old family secret, etc)
3. Include the hashtag #StIvesMy #GoNaturalWithStIves and #ChurpMYWIN

This contest runs from 1st September (Thursday) till 31st October 2016 (Monday), ending at 12.00 PM. Winners will be notified via email.

What are you waiting for? Go natural with St. Ives!

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