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Do you want to spend the night with sharks?

So you know Liam and I are now fans of Scott’s DHA Gummies and it’s all thanks to attending the Scott’s DHA Gummies Launch a while back.

Let me tell you about the day of the launch. We woke up bright and early but it did not start as smoothly as I had wished to because Liam decided to hate on his carseat that very morning.

In this picture here he was hanging out of my car while waving me off as though I was a dirty mosquito.

It took me a while and finally with the help of a cartoon on my phone, he calmed down and I managed to strap him in. Mummy = 1, Liam = 0.

We drove to Aquaria KLCC without the help of any navigation system thanks to Liam still holding my phone hostage. It must be all the Scott’s Emulsion I consumed as a child that I managed to reach Aquaria without making a single wrong turn! Thank you Scott’s.

Liam looking grumpy cause I took his phone away for this wefie at Aquaria’s entrance.

He quickly warmed up though. I think he knew that he’s in for some great fun and awesome gummies :)

And it’s official, Scott’s DHA Gummies are here to stay. Delicious, packed with DHA goodness and not coated in sugar.

Liam became a member of Scott’s Bright Little Explorers too – a platform for nurturing children’s curiosity and sense of adventure, launched in conjunction with the unveiling of Scott’s DHA gummies.

Thanks to the “Scott’s Bright Little Explorers” platform, Liam got a chance to take part in a hunt for aquatic exhibits and facts at Aquaria KLCC.

It was impossible to take a picture of him as he kept slapping my selfie stick away :(

But I think I probably had way more fun than Liam. This shark looks like it could be well-meaning, cauliflower-haired female relative that I’m missing in my life Hahahaha

Do check out Scott’s FB page for more fun activities for your little ones under “Scott’s Bright Little Explorers”.

Anyway, wouldn’t you like to win a chance to ‘Sleep with the Sharks’? Yes, really, you and your bubba could spend a night with the magnificent creatures at Aquaria KLCC!! Mummies, you could also win RM100 worth of AEON shopping vouchers on top of the slumber with sharks.

Imagine the look of wonderment on your child’s face when he or she watches a shark swimming by. Or when they look up to find a stingray smiling at them from above? The kind of imaginary conversations that would transpire between your kid and the mighty shark? I know Liam would be excited to introduce one of his Hot Wheels to Mr. Shark, haha.

To join this contest, all you have to do is:

1. Ask your mini one to complete this caption:

“If I could sleep next to a shark, I will ask Mr. Shark…..” (in less than 25 words), then guide your mini to draw a very simple happy shark on a piece of paper.

2. Snap a photo of his or her drawing and post it in the comments below along with the caption.

3. 10 most creative answers will win a pair of tickets to experience ‘Sleep with the Sharks’ and you moms will enjoy RM100 shopping vouchers from AEON.

Easy peasy, easy squeezy! May the most adorable drawings and captions win!

The contest runs from 19 September to 7 October 2016. Do read the terms & conditions at Hope you win!!

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