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8 reasons I think breastfeeding rocks

Every mummy has her own reason as to why she breastfeeds. I’ve talked about how it was a necessity for me because Liam was born a premie, but now I genuinely love it and these are my reasons, all eight of them!

1. Save money

This is obviously the stand-out factor for me. Other than the initial cost of breast pump, I haven’t needed to spend any money on nourishing my baby for the past year. Considering a can of formula starts from about RM80 a can or more, I have probably recouped the cost of my pump in under 4 months by feeding Liam breastmilk.

# – This probably cost only 4 months of baby formula.

2. No washing up

Of course, when I was pumping it was a lot of washing. The bottles, oh my….I don’t miss those times. However, since I am fully direct latching now, there’s no washing up at all. I love it!

# – This was how it’s like before I switched to direct latching.

3. Convenient when travelling

Because Liam latches on directly now, I don’t have to bring anything when we go out. You bring a lot of stuff out as a parent; toys, change of clothes, diapers, snacks, wet wipes, tissues etc. So, not having any additional stuff to bring is truly appreciated!

Not to forget, I could nurse him while travelling in the place to keep him calm and happy :)

4. Lose weight

Can you believe it, I am lighter than before I was pregnant! I believe it has to do with milk production which consumes about 500 calories a day. Jogging for half an hour could barely burn that much calories! I know it’s selfish but am not that keen on weaning Liam off because I don’t want to lose the ability to eat so much and still staying slim haha

# – Check out my most recent weigh-ins. I used to be around 55kg before pregnancy!

5. Bigger boobs (hehehe)

Yeah, I used to be a DB-Cup…as in Delusional B-cup. But now, I am finally a genuine full B without having to go under the knife. Thanks to my breastmilk production, I can fill up my clothes better without having to rely on push-up bras hehe.

6. Bonding time

This is one of my favourite parts of breastfeeding. I love it when Liam stares straight into my eyes while having his fill. I always feel so loved, my heart could explode! Now that he’s older, after he’s nursed, he would proceed to blow raspberries on my stomach, it’s super hilarious (to me lah).Behold, a video of Liam blowing raspberries on my stomach. Haha.

7. It’s always available

As long as Liam is with me, he can nurse whenever he wants to. Malaysia is actually way more breastfeeding friendly than I had expected earlier. I have yet to come across a shopping complex in KL/PJ that does not have a nursing room. I think that says a lot.

That said, sometimes when I’m lazy to find a nursing room, I just do it in a fitting room! Hehehe.

#- Here’s me fitting in a nursing session while husband was trying on clothes.

8. Keep calm and carry on

I believe that breastfeeding has actually taught and trained me to be a calmer and more relaxed person. In a nutshell, due to Liam’s premature birth, I was determined to stay positive and optimistic as I wanted to surround him with good vibes (still do) because I believe it would benefit his recovery to be in a calm environment.However, one day, it really got to me that he was still in hospital, and I suffered an emotional break-down at home. On that very day, I was not able to produce even a single drop of milk.No matter how much I pumped and tried to stimulate my breast, there was nothing. I started reading up and in one of my books, I was told to visualise something calming…like a waterfall or a river or something happy. I did and sure enough, my milk came back!

I realised that whenever I was stressed up, my milk supply would suffer.  So I told myself I must stay happy, positive and calm no matter what. Because of that experience, I no longer wanted to waste time or energy or braincells over things that do not add to my life positively.

I think it’s fair to say that breast milk has not only nourished my son’s health but it has also helped me to transform myself emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you boob juice!

2 Responses to 8 reasons I think breastfeeding rocks

  1. Imantulen December 1, 2015 at 12:13 pm #

    Mothers are now indeed lucky..

    During my times, we have to proceed back to our car when nursing time beckons….
    Once we were at Mun Loong at TAR and our car was parked at Pertama Complex, the saleswoman says fitting room, fitting room and she took away the cashier’s chair for us….

    Now, the city is much more breastfeeding friendly.

    My niece who is a Muslim convert just hides her 2.5 years child under her tudung and feed on… anywhere, anytime.

    My other niece just wrap herself with an over-sized cardigan & pumps away… wrizzz, wrizzz, wrizzz…. with me wondering what’s that noise? Even bulky storage containers are no longer necessary…. using disposable plastic tubings, like those ice lollies type…

  2. yin December 1, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

    hahahaahaha DB cup, i was thinking got such cup meh! i love breastfeeding too esp the bond!

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