The what catcher!?

I am going to the launch of this Sharp product called The Mite Catcher.

Having a baby now means hygiene is incredibly important and what’s more horrifying than creepy crawly bed mites? Ewwwwwww!


Can’t wait to see what this baby can do!

One thought on “The what catcher!?”

  1. Kimbery,
    Are mites really a problem in your home? If homes have poor foundations with numerous openings to the outside a great many insects can enter a home.

    Mites are most often spread by people with poor hygiene.

    There are solutions that can protect you, Gareth and Liam in thier beds.

    Mite resistant bedding and bed covers are available.
    Amazon has more than a few with good reviews.

    Here is a link that reviews major brands of mite resistant bedding.

    Mite resistant bedding does cost more. If mites are a frequent problem in your home then two sets per bed will allow you to always have a clean set ready go into use.

    Let us know more about this mite issue.

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