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Vaseline Spray Body Lotion – 5 reasons I am in love with it.

As a new mother, I don’t have the time to luxuriously and patiently slather moisturising cream or lotion all over my skin and I certainly don’t have time to sit around waiting for my skin to absorb it before continuing with chores and caring for my baby. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here are 5 reasons why I love the Vaseline Spray Body Lotion:

1. Slim and light bottles.

The slim spray bottles is light and a joy to carry around. Now I can moisturise anywhere and anytime.

2. Smart nozzle; no spillage.



The spray nozzle is really smartly designed. Just a simple turn of the top hides or reveals the spraying nozzle so there’s no risk of accidentally spraying the insides of your bag. Or worse, have Liam spraying it into his own eyes hehehe.

3. It’s non greasy so I can use it on my hands and arms.

Love it! It’s non-greasy and absorbs so fast leaving my hands and arms feeling dewy and supple. I often moisturise my arms and hands multiple times a day as they have a lot of contact with water so Vaseline Spray Body Lotion is heaven sent! A couple of spritzs and I feel like my hands have just been to a spa.

4. Easy to use.

As long as you know how to depress the nozzle and spray all over your body in a continuous motion, you will know how to use the Vaseline Spray Body Lotion. It dispenses a fine mist that evenly covers your skin. Just quickly rub in and voila! Instantly moisturised skin achieved! And all it takes is just a matter of few seconds for my skin to be moisturised!

5. It really moisturises my dry legs!

The most dry part of my skin are my legs because it’s simply too much work to moisturise them. With an ordinary moisturising cream, first I have to find a place to prop my legs up (can’t do in bed cause I don’t want to stain the bed), then I have to get just the right amount of cream but I often don’t and find myself having too much or too little, then I have to rub it on my legs and keep rubbing until they absorb. And there’s so much surface area on legs so it just take forever to effectively moisturise my pins.

With Vaseline Spray Body Lotion, it literally takes me 3 seconds to spray all over, then pat-patty-pat and I’m done.

So there, enough reasons to convince you that this is the shiznit? Convenience, speed, even coverage, fantastic moisturising in one sleek can.

Head over to Vaseline Facebook page or Vaseline’s official website for further information (there’s a discount voucher that you can download!).

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  1. MissNadeeya July 20, 2015 at 1:02 am #

    Mcm best je main spray2 ni. Kena try ni

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